Bf Faking Official Letter

Wednesday, July 18th

We've all done crazy things for love, but would you go this far?

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And she I'll star. Got a question to ask yo. Is is so romantic there is the guy committing fraud for the woman that he loves the or is it so horrific scenes of run in the other direction he basically faked a rejection letter from college so she wouldn't. Move. What would you do you know. She's on the that's coming up next then Jeff contention three minutes away so many for a lot. So are in 941. And people aren't so rude I Sam mean listening in Rome. Forming opinions before they've even heard from Cal's mom I love that pacing and may so you have got an opinion of this situation we have even. Heard from Kelsey acts. A lot of Turkey and what you say and then what she did mean what Dick. To run like hell. Coming. Up with women right here and you think you're right. Her job and you're not consulate and a mental note Turk did. Yeah what you had heard it and heard it's into the implication that my mom coming out and controlling and let's. It means that came through because that is now two votes for Ron my account Sammy might just be producer Jane we in the southern access yes I think that showed that Kelsey. Welcome to the damage and show wet Sammy is saying is very similar to what all your friends are saying I ate a lot of I tell us the story from the media. OK so. A couple of runs you know allowed back anti students study abroad program to Maine this school. And I felt out of the application. Court and sat on the am trying to change aren't well recently moved out of that. My boyfriend told little guys. At some point I guess you like silent Lou now I'm not program saying they needed a little more interrogation. I application wasn't totally doesn't. Seem to eat and about and it and it affecting not only count on. And or wrote I actually rejection came also mean. Because he couldn't mobile look at he couldn't he couldn't even the idea. Of night not being raped me for that kinda I was like a probably an Arab country that you don't let that thinking about. I cannot be a little teeny. Sounds like wrote us sacred to actually means play wouldn't go home. It's so pretty. Eat it so Swedes. Why. He couldn't bear to be without her. So he then into your email and commanded pride study abroad program is something that you really want it. I mean it wasn't that I really wanted to do but I mean like I. Now I I don't know why I am really I love my boyfriend and I know he loved me a lot of out I mean when he told me about it eat a few late. He was crying that he was so torn. No he don't love you he controls used what he does and any cries because he feels so bad and then all was a new film bad grammar and thinking and homeboy just ruin my chances of setting a bride and Mike. Making me become more worldly as a human being you totally took that from you it's messed up so Kelsey you don't see this as manipulated have our manipulative are controlling it all. Little I mean I just. Thank you just. Oh yeah he's so kind and I live on Ngo and so like I think that that to keep out so that he may illustrate that. You know I mean not a panic capital and mentally told Panetta talking about each. I'm gonna go back to school and talked to my friend that country and in Ireland and he did lakes and not tell me that he had a contract. Well OK so the reason he told you. Is because he thought you were gonna find out. I mean Mikey he knew that like I was going to be like talking about and about the program like ranking back up again to play that he knew that I was going to be talking about act like he couldn't not. Immune to that lake. What he did what technically along I eighty and Elie you know I'm not gonna say but he can act like he did it but if you didn't want to be a way. Was so afraid that knowledge of being a part train that goes on. We think it's sweet that he was honest with you. Haven't heard me and lying you're out late action chant and click this right up there with. This is laid up column or a tattoo of her initial strong idea now is one of the pillars of. Mrs. Nye County down girls this is a very young girl is so Kelsey was a real. What's the plan now. We like what what I mean the next. Mean they. I'll go back to school and thus far and can't keep coming to school and who is eating and. Arm in a minute I I don't know maybe they can get like a different kind of camera media I could take that stick together and share some of the Dubai. I Kelsey now you're issue is that you have founded zero. And your friends are valid members who are supportive of this. They aren't easily that I the F. All right while Ari don't know what the calls say hey but the phone lines are lit up without I imagine people who much like I need you aren't. Lines so. So could you give her son guidance and advice on love or maybe set her straight with some real talk in the same love is manipulation. That's not gonna love those are close. In that spectrum. Of obsession. Yeah. Those are so large things acting as an item below our O line and then. Nothing easier for me next on and Jeff intention cern and if Orlando okay turn it up. And Jesse James Jones all now. I'll see as time at the Japanese and show right now because her boyfriend just admitted that several months ago he hacked into her team now. And deleted. Some correspondence from a study abroad program that she received requesting more information and instead it. Created. A fake rejection letters so she wouldn't go. And he said it's conceal. Loves her solve my she couldn't dare to be away from her whole son mark Kelsey can't find any wine gain her world IRL. And who is. Supporting her boyfriend's decision sushi has come to the radio world. And rose may be able to give us some insight welcome to the shell rose. All is okay so quick story short. We'll flatten my boyfriend I got to wait for now. I had applied to go to complete learning what Australia. Or my what are break that would be the week. You know I'm reading the Nikkei soared I'm and they look at all if you don't know I won't get him he'll. Don't like oh OK. I'll tell al-Qaeda the Gilead urgent you know what I heard. And I applied to go to Israel offered ten week program. And he can't send me a rejection letter from the school. It's cold iron I think that I didn't accept Ed it. That enabled for the program start I get called saying why are you here. So he ate too so what it did he do the same thing like intercepted the latter. And Maine he sent her a reject right out of duty and intercept the acceptance letter and then use like the logos and the names and staff. To create a rejection letter from. How is that exactly what chairman and then. I mean. Yeah that I'm pretty similar similar to what he did Aaron I never got a like an actual Captain America application that the Americans did which are. Arm but he did say to write out back and sorry you haven't accepted innkeeper your applications. Well could be his IA and meant well. I'm an ambassador of love rose please tell Kelsey how happy the two of you are together rate now. What can we were not together I'm very happy. Yeah yeah yeah husband are solid I. Yeah solid advice Elizabeth incoming tiebreak to Kelsey. Come again had an OK first obviously to bed. Now. I'm. I'm out of here he is young and he's got. Eat your email analog why why do we do email apparently had met at eagle Ed. I'm Rick and Nicki and Arnold why would you be if somebody like that. All you're aged eighteen or it isn't like. Would like you know lying is wrong but he when he can question me he Kyle will battle about and you try to explain it which is the connection there so Austria. Not happening I mean what can he needed including my two really romantic and you think like so don't want to keep the good guy and LA though torn up up top and my. I don't I don't think that Jerry and Mike he told me that straight either like you they include an immediate treatment. IRA aren't operating lines. Well our producers and being. Jen isn't literally biting her tongue I've never seen that be crowd heard the phrase I've never actually seen some and bite their tongue so I mean. You've got thirty seconds operate decals. Issues why he didn't confess until it was too late to fix it so he's not sorry he sat on that he's out on that what real love guilt. So long until he knows too late. Still see fishy here won the lying like it very very purposeful line is really messed up and will never ever go away because he thinks he can happen over you. The rest of your relationship. Till if he loves you. You want to be happy and he wants to care about your future he obviously does not care at all about your future. If he is telling you they keep it's not like forever jobs at a job placement it's like what two months. In another country where you get stories and you get a life like what happens later when he wants to do something similar and because you love him US court and but well you know now now now you about it in the U about it and that you deserve real love that is not real love and know he loves you. It's a big club messed up look at the controlling loving you deserve better. But problem. Should I be healthy yeah. He would drop down megaphone is. If there was an Anna stands yeah. Well no no I'm like no public displays search engines Ngo on FaceBook and Lindsey Graham started work.