The Best & Worst Last Minute Costumes

Monday, October 31st


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Does switch is daunting. Seen here wearing an all over eighteen yeah. Well Carolina. Jeff finch and shells and and people were alive. Today is of course Halloween. Which means a couple things wind. Traffic this afternoon's going to be terrible. It is the worst day of the year historically. Halloween is the worst travel day in Atlanta because so many people. Takeoff half days ago Omniture if you wouldn't it. Well there's so much preparation involved etiquette costume design getting ready at the pictures and you got to get ready for trick or treating and it just seems like. It's snow began when everybody leaves the offices and leaves work and leave school everybody all the same time pours out of the roads early afternoon. So if you don't have to be and that bodes this afternoon. Dispatch that's that's number one tell work choose today and I never to about it today is there is somebody. Who. Woke up this morning and wait. For it is Halloween. I got to either send make it to school. Or everybody in my office is where I asked him. Slapping together. And every everybody. And that's that those are the stories that we want your last minute. Halloween and I can be for you it could be freer but it can be somebody came and where it's the last minute house in you do slapped together. How did you make it work for a four. 74194. And just have to be a success story gone out of its effect we'd like failure if it hit success and perfection and not on this show. Am now requiring that we want clumsy and Al earlier. Like we want the person who you know. Hate I slice of bread to each side of their kid's head. Said it at a school well mama mama you're just in San. To me since go to school. A question in 40474194. And number. At my neighbors going through this right now because they didn't have a big he only planned to be. Lampoon vacation family as well as they they their whole plan was to be the grizzled they had everything together. That mom and dad are both not feeling great and so like that's got a back issue and so he's going to be able to go trick or treating without one they don't wanna do normal things that can't be it resolved without our rights of these scrap civil payment plan or into that next year. And their daughters got hurt your retreating outfit because she had one for school all and it is going to be different from that the only one. But their son does not one's a last minute last night she's like perhaps you have anything that he could be. And she says he just asked me he could be a hobo. Does that sound politically correct anymore as it that's not really the flyers and if that. Obama and yeah it is it's hopeless as a homeless it's on trains right. Yeah and she was like I don't know is that is that permissible anymore so they were scrambling last minute so he might be hobo tonight has. They were trying to figure out something isn't totally last minute or you go to you know party city at the last me just get whatever's left and Asia whenever masked his left behind the public aware wolf we have a cowboy outfit. What do you I'm a tyrant lady bug. Yes I am. Taylor welcome to the show out. Hey wearing my boy and dirty motor car air raid Saturday. Kirk and that's I used it actually critics are and you suited her bike racer. Yeah I got the dirt all over at the Asa. And when did you remember that you had to Wear something to work today. Last night on the way back to the game. Here are celebrating a windy let me just beat Pakistan right now we have a look at my god I'm like Obama say that they are. This. Kelly welcome to the jet engines. And I'll light a last minute constantly you have to slap together. I think he would get Lamar and get along pink T shirt. And hit eight iron on the letter he. And handed bat and they get them blackout here I in your black pack heat. It the view and you interviewed MS. And people let it I I eight my and at times and he can stand on the black add a decade. That's. That's a tough because I have a hard I I have a really big issue that asked him if he explained. The play on words cost and then like if you are an item again you know by a kinda. Asked him we mean he. Did it like that and if. People don't get it right away oil rigs in the I think of landlords are funny like I always like the one who has the coat of arms during a coat. There's a whole bunch of like dead bloody arms hanging off of it. It does yeah. It. And a serial killer and you just get the little boxes as a youth app. Oh the match. And see why I like to play on words I am Nicole welcome to the damage and Janet. Okay last year I'd take a leaf and kkk has been attacked. They are they're trying to space out the least lowered. Seeing eye. And loves it I would think you're the climbers person in the off and where did you have to Wear this cast him was it to work. I know around the neighborhood with a kid and kick their scroll. I edit what time did you have to be wherever you had to be and how many hours before that did you realize he added that gas and. And the kids all I needed to be there about eight and I realized it about international force to control. I. I'm Stephanie who redress and. I'm on my way you Home Depot so that I can I. I saved O'Grady and pain attractive. To meet them to my shirt and the city is Satan and. Paying jobs in a gal as he's gonna. And last minute okay cool and your office is having some sort of cost him party thing today and you realized Wayne that you had to participate. Last night about 9 o'clock am going to make it. I'm like oh crap I didn't do anything. But they did it I got on line and I figured this out that I like that worked at The Home Depot right eyewear. Also now that just Brady gonna be in line behind by about other people that are also getting all the grace watches that get the paint anything grave in the next week I don't like the color samples are Augusta. I Japanese Gina welcome Michelle. You where the cast and for yourself for somebody else. It was my older son it was about four years we have but a good idea secretary each and we definitely need ain't got a guy like art I'd cut a hole or at adding holes are armed and opinion of why rights. Cloak. A who moved. Was he knew it ain't yeah. You give them a pack of Pall malls this yeah yeah it narrowed but interdiction I mean like not on right away and heart. God is so funny and so terrible August. And and I think you guys I think if your sixteen year ago entered treaty aegis you'd about it. In two or whatever. You put it. Yeah. Well told and cut off. Yes is it thirteen. We is that if there's teen at any age and maybe that's all the secretary. Serra welcome to this year helped. And I'm at the last minute I didn't have any ink and realize. My porch at old it literally Carly and act and how Brad and what ever else and covered my outlook and Jay Wright as Colin. Fifth home plate. Is is that on my front porch and. I'm pretty matched. I know that I couldn't figure out like you know battery powered light that it looked like they seniors. I get the bad. Well then. Jennifer blogger Michelle. Oh yeah yeah. You've. Made my. It. It. You sound tightly squeezed into them off but then we very rarely. You're wearing. I you know you're 31 and you're wearing that the cheerleading uniform you were when your fourteen. That's pretty impressive in that either speaks a lot about what's hype a fourteen year old you were or what type of 31 year old users that development. Litsch. Half. Your voice and allergy attack from everywhere and you work and seeing all the thanks Jennifer. Die happy for law and thanks for waking up when Jeff engendered.