Best Wedding Day Advice You've Ever Received Part 1

Wednesday, October 19th


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Bloody month and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Searched our net or wan Atlanta. 4040741. In 9400. Is that telephone number looking for our. Wedding is device is this like your last chance to tell me why you're so wise and lines and think either read about the wedding day or it has to be advice given to you on the winning the only role they do welcome to the jam. Bad look or not. That's got to tell you it is just enjoyed that day try to slow time down it just enjoy the day. I've had number one piece of advice of your dialing rate now 40474194. If you're dialing right now and this is your advice cells they view a moment of time. He kept saying thank you did does along the lines of do you suggestion to slow. Let him and I'd have to slow everything down. Is. To eat easily I posted pictures some of the food gonna have a wedding and every single comment is we agreed rooted our wedding and I had. Because it's so easy it's so busy so hectic and so I doubt in enemy right yeah. Everybody was like slow down and eat the food. Or have them packaging of the pack a box warriors I'm. Yeah that's really dead when he gave it back are you guys in this day and that means teller. Come whenever out definitely expressed. OK and we'll definitely take the act. Take it to go boxes they give you that's when you finally get to enjoy it right and they're bringing you some food to your. Dressing room or something right. We're just gonna take so we do that is where did the ceremony is happening in the same places that reception when you're doing the ceremony and then we. I'm gonna go take pictures. In the game. Rate after the pictures and it team to work as perfect game. Yep that's the plan and your your most hated hope that it other than Kelly you most excited about right yet. Only as they you've got to death. At least I I got greats advice from my mom and dad. On our wedding to act and I share with you please. It's that words counts. So remember that you can't you cannot ever take them back. So in the heat of an argument when you really tired when he really upset been up all night or whatever might be can't come to an agreement. Just remember that your words count words. Don't count if you had more than 30. That's your rule that they count and you always hear them and you'd just he can't take them. So I think it's really. As. Star in 941.