Best Wedding Day Advice You Ever Received Part 2

Wednesday, October 19th


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The only thing better than an eighth. Word it is all okay fine. Passionately on starting now he's wanted an extra thousand blogs and eleven its. Stock. Fisher last chance to tell me how or why is that you are. Alice in Europe shares them wedding related. I just wanna make sure that. I'm here right down the planning it then you got eight pick how are probably letting her whole life thinking how do you expect to make sure you're looking out retaliate making starlight. This year he action how is he at the top of mind if you need them chicken you go predicting that you eat because I'll make it. She liked each day and then ultimately hire Mary get out and don't. Quite honestly Allison and I am sick of all the attention. That Cali. Be perfectly and guys seems like it's all about her and all. I think it goes both ways but like. Right down the bank they are getting ready they're bad I can get it you want you know nine and I think her hair on my hair. I'm having some you know I did it pretty lucky I eat them. Thanks and things out and I do it I'm Jacki up and down. Good morning long words. I'm not make any parent pocket actually I remember I hate a guy yeah. Why don't look at do you need. Including US. Ali have a water bottle and cut an eighteen lying around you can. You need you the only solution package I mean you never know when that latched drink of water like they can be debt without Latin America the way it. I'd be at 8 o'clock and eat. And what was the first went about attorneys lock me eat all I know. Some pass out of Oliver has like teas and water handled him well. Yeah. I mean hey. I didn't think about it and you're in the car and I eight app does let me machete and I. That rate of eyes and Jackie. If she must be problems. I thought there is a story that was in China now she met I've got a lot of stay hydrated. Don't tip over. That's actually really it's I think it's staying hydrated and up for Smith is he welcomed the show. And the biker but if you actually she. I'm she'd make sure all your photographer. Takes time a pictures. Are again. He didn't get the pictures that wedding party and that you and whatnot. That. We enjoyed the most are the ones that the wedding guests now only eight we rely on. And it was so much in Republican politics. Returns that candid he. It lending again and and even a little bit I didn't realize Hindu wedding I on the map how much time. That's operated by that's actually a priority for me that they are big lumps and and the candid pictures. I've I've been damn annoying everybody waited. You don't have to take thirty pictures of now in law in light. You can blow we have photo sessions like that that's all gonna happen right at night. I wines pictures of the gas seen him. I won't be able to see that you know it's an IAE hat and that that's an outline and and like. And people are forming in their songs happening and stuff like that I want it. Alia we obviously paying attention that in we wanna see people looking at their feet. Yes why don't you about how you should point out to the photographer who the important guests are two that you want this candid photos of because sometimes they take pictures. If they're as. Well they're cousins would have been great like we didn't get a ten pictures of our. You know some of our best friends but a lot of like old coworkers. Well I you know and I mean yes a little imbalance. Jim welcome to this yeah. Harry Richard nice young. It you're healing your ceremony at the same plate he'll let the bartender about. Alcohol or the ceremony. I daughter Mary couple weeks ago at all of it and we what it is oh without alcoholic treatment can't hurt them. Oh my god that's it closed at. And a whiskey. The and mayor and make strange but it would tell me what if there and. Yeah that's actually in action rating that yeah that's really had. Oh. He's lower. Me and those are all things you don't think about before they actually tap in me happy. Because I doubt he. And intentions are. You know he's candid pictures of the crowd and because intriguingly. A I Brady already got. Bad about it. So there CD. Because it's not even letting I had went in and it got to the line. And I have pictures of me aired it during the journey. Byrd made unloaded. And she I'll still are ready for a one.