Best Road Trip Songs

Friday, May 27th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Jobs are evil law. Big you still end down look into the jet engine shows still means you could be getting in what about a half day work offices closed an early today everybody shut them down a little bit early before the Memorial Day weekend before you head out on the reds about. 34 million people across the US will be driving it. To their Memorial Day destination so one note to be safe out there second notes bring good music and as those that together for you this morning are. Best road trip songs again. I have on your Memorial Day weekend I will start mine out for wave. These are voted against him for him remember anything this morning. This moment. It's freaking easy life. Zero at halftime because I was driving and they'll look at it out okay. We're about four friends. And they only wanted to listen to this time. I'm re eight over and over you know you're driving from Syracuse, New York. You Albany, New York I think it's like four hours I ever put together a high school cheerleading routines that song and I listened over and over and over again offered ever. And man guy that got us. And I like this dark but it just. The Braves back like PT SP. What do you guys producer Kelly cheese. Yours is going to be funky and hips and when I mean you know apparently. It's very in Ely again I'd I I'd be ever heard of it. Will offer sheriff's I was torn between Barack song amendments on buttons and Mayan Indians road trip and the kid had again. I mean is is or is this like a banners isn't about. And a baseman and will finally he. The match and it's. Not yeah. Yeah. Yang like movies on the car well. The fire yeah 170 homes and everybody's duty to hand gestures and windows are rolled down. Facial expression today and I appreciate you going popular telling you ahead. LA's the annoying person who makes talk about bands that you don't hear about for four years to hit because they're probably living on her couch. I have going to be the biggest thing and and she's always right. If you guys who knows her salt in the wound. Now that it played at 9 AM hangout festival. It is out there they just played to a washed up glove stern because. We regret this deliver them a coach for a few weeks until I seen them from their first album this is the third round. And that the net that underground show in Atlanta with the cool on the news or do. They're six and on her hand but they only have preachers can EG the three advantage and the same time. On imported sport there are fears that commandment and a half marina what a year she got too it's not so Luna that's 5% cut. I'm hosting summer road trip so Beth didn't exactly 06 for the first when there is consistently. Some. And then. Fast forward ten years later he's got the new song out of the tunnel and take with you on your record nice at all. It is on the subject. This is how he liked me. That we are talking yesterday about the graduation on the death this is the upbeat song that the class of 2016 he'd rather I definitely cell phone. We're pros and I guess we did it. But I did I have touts. For the teachers have its same pious okay. They did one of his lip of the ideas to celebrate in the schoolyard yearbook staff filmed it. And today dating the davidians to test and him is that Kia will put it up I'm stern before one's FaceBook page school that he what do you got David what's yours okay I think that every road trip no matter the season. Half. That's on its feet. Harold always. Just say you know what's happening in real time right now. Our boss Tony was writing. An email to David. About how fantastic that Memorial Day segment was. There and a half hours now what a great way to touch that listeners what a fantastic way to highlight the reason that we are celebrating this week. Great work David and then you've played Spice Girls. It. Any deleted everything in the stroke of luck in your future and that car. Vanessa I had somewhere there is a video soldiers dancing to Spice Girls that is probably really. It probably highly ahead got to be. And nine Jan rabbit have what do you got which your road map didn't sign this throwback. Two win I have road trip of when I'm moved to Atlanta as it is always makes me think of drag and they TL from my new life fear. Hated. Isn't it adorable how intense sometimes think she still works a case. I mean I hate to use your girls. Santa Anna Huffington on. Yeah I didn't hear that wind down thing and really loud. TJ. Thanks for being bombarded and the gel so I know people want it.