The Best Radio Game Ever: Part 2

Wednesday, April 12th

...according to Jeff. But it's fun to play along and see how many you get!


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And she I'll still are ready for one. Thank Kelly chief you're playing word to whites. They don't say do weighty feel pretty counted. Because you've got bit and I CNN nervous at all. Not well I don't I Jane. Went ten for twelve. It. I'm very irony fears Easter competitor where literally the thing I'm benefits sixty seconds on the clock. I'm Hank I got a lot zigzag and I'm going to have back and I'm good. That's you know. I'm gonna read down to a list definitions I gangs of words that rhyme with Pete. And here's what's everybody's. Favorite Easter treats after Chocolat and jelly beans and every cremate him. I can't these rankings are these are all words that rhyme with Pete. You've got to sixty seconds. To get L Levin or more pound arms letting me they're adding I. The clock starts after I read the first clip I died as a Israel. Kelly. What do you do to the person that striving slow in the fast lane leaving the awareness will come from cheap. What's one of the most popular brands of cars a Jeep. Look before you ask some of these boxes. There. Little or delete and how do you clean your floor easily. When you swear on the air main police. What's one of my personal favorite TLC songs. So I treat look at what do you do in years and I you leave. What do we do that Knight was late. Mike Pence and Joseph Biden. They can't do. What the ocean it's. What better. My second split there's condemn. Pass a frugal. Here's. Nine Kelly oil is my. What was the ocean Dwight Kelly. I guess you did great until you haven't seen you ain't worried July mega you're gonna Arianna grounded tonight Jan one. Well you have got a copy of our own game words that rhyme with people. Which consists of this one piece of paper with a list of words that I'm good bead on it. And mega you've got paired to get to guess the RN a ground eight united okay. I hope that line and Kelly tees value is how will give you all get our information. The ones you didn't get Ray Kelly Mike Pence Joseph Biden veep. I didn't get that either. Like curry about. What the ocean is deep. And the one reading get too busy frugal person is pretty. Cheap a gal. Playing in what he gets bad three game ever. Highlight. And I can't ever again. It was huge. Kind of violence we describe just keep the thanks for making this wedge to the Jesse James got one star not before one and.