Best Radio Game Ever

Wednesday, April 12th

...according to Jeff. But it's fun to play along and see how many you get!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf full now. Well this is what I like to call their greatest radio game of all time to and. My over selling it. It's about Easter rain it's an Easter themed game but it can be for anything do you need this. Comparable to a net covered the game show music like it's a game show music JP eight. That will. I'll explain this I game here in just the second the first. We need to find out who is gonna be playing two members of the Jeff's engine engine Geneen JP. Kelly we're Jan two members of the German venture will be playing Dwight. You are first contestant who would you like to play on your behalf. Greg had. I think I have Kelly she is really the whole way. Hey he's design team to write I end up for grabs Arianna grinding tickets and I guess I should tonight Philips Arena I Meghann. Whose team would you like to via. I make it is nineteen Jan and Kelly in January that she knew I kept competitors. For Arianna grinding tickets game show music. Going down they can live together. I Kelly cheese I need you to leave the studio. Goes somewhere where you can't hear what's happening deep trust me now. You go whether. And we can make interns sunny monitor in Paris signing. It's transmitted person. Tied the game the Easter themed game okay. His words that rhyme with Pete. Okay read sixty seconds on the clock at Hank and I am going to describe words that rhyme with his peak. Because what everybody's favorite Easter treat. Cadbury cream makes but what second jelly beans what's third. Chocolate fourth. Lollipops keeps things. I okay items with Pete I Meghann that we needed Jane to go twelve for twelve in sixty seconds as he best possible score. I make any erratic she cheered jam. I've come on make and we got that so play where you where you are listening this morning Meghann. Okay are you be with us for awhile and homeland. Yeah I'm gone anywhere and I was okay I'm gonna start the clock yes. As soon as I finish reading the first clue Jan. Many are you ready to identify these words. That rhyme with people who. Ayman. What do you do to the person it's driving slow. In that that he. You can do it. Look at the clock is even started. To answer when I know the answer Brit Brit it it's. JP. DDB to co host would look at how can help. OK a really serve I have a time clocks aren't as a timer okay is our exact words that rhyme with Pete. What do you do to the person that striving slow. In the fast lane deep. Where wall comes from cheap. One of the most popular brands of car. Team. Look before you. Seat and pass how do you clean your floor suite. When you swear I'm the air. Police. One of my personal favorite TLC's on this creep. What do you do when you're sad. Week. What are we all do it night sleep. My pants up. Joseph Biden. And stand by it and I don't know past. What the ocean and it's. Seen deep. I'll frugal person is pretty cheap. Look before you. Yet ten out of twelve. It's impressive but before you leap. And Mike Pence Joseph Biden veep. I like Honda grand Todd trained I don't know lockout like this scenario that deep cord curled peephole. Thought I don't. A okay. And I. I blurted out come back here and we'll bring Kelly she's back in the studio and we will. I have heard go down the same list and I see if she can beat stand out all. I can you write ten out of twelve million. Get. At the words that rhyme with these guys yeah. Star in 941.