Best Diet Ever

Tuesday, June 28th


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell hole at all. The best diet I've ever heard. And our view the objective way yeah. And you hate in fact. There is it diet out there for you. Yeah again even that what I wanted to do is go hey there's a new Jared from subway here and now you can't say attic. And. You know I don't think this guy gets exactly what is he magnet that draws me back in the drive through every single time. The waffle Fries. Hair she asks and I am in love with. I'm really in love with to fulfill what Fries. It's really bad you. Do hula there my Kryptonite though I cannot not get them. In my mind is salad of their eliminate them and it is talent. In the end the line. You order the salad so Papa. The baby and act. Hello Stan exactly what you love about. Well. I love that they're always really. And they have that Chris beanie. Just crispy from the outside he crunched your first fight. Little holes inside me aerodynamic for lots more Christie's. Then on the inside it's just enough to tape edited soft. Salts it's an exact right. Level you know what I like about the political on the. I. It's more places for Patrick it. You can catch and well. The true now I mean aren't just as they are ketchup and Fries simple. Salty. And no Huey. And waited for. Its business. Don't expect an increase let's let this guy count a 141. Year. Check where at least 240 pounds is a whole human. 355. Pounds you hop he was a student at Texas and the university's 350 bad about Aggies. He tried all sorts of of diets he tried to Baghdad and that the new car guided you I every other guy. Now out of work but there's tricks to land camp Disney like their food so. Two things here one he started working out and two he chick filet at least once or twice every day. Now he would always eat there healthier stuff like that grilled chicken wraps grilled chicken sandwiches. You'd have their soup he would have their salads over the course of a year Jan. He lost 140. Pounds and four years later he has kept that way off. That's impressive. Four years later and he still leaves chocolate doesn't he still goes to chip away. In game waffle Fries. Yep so he got everything on them and you exit the staff. And either he didn't get as hands on milk shakes either at they're grilled chicken stand alone. At chick filet grilled chicken one week extra pickles. Tomato. Oh god yeah. I love unfairly singling. And it's ridiculous. It's out of control. And I think everybody feels lately because. Them I am able to pull up to the drive through and every single one of them and hasn't wrapped around the building at lunch time. There print money. To. On Sunday. Night David lemon at the we have if you go to the edge of engine chip FaceBook page we have a poll up there right now we've Jennifer's first response to that. I've tricks on indicting the usual diet that they have to move works that's. Right exhibit died in an usual diet of when it worked. Christine Christina pew wrote the chicken tortilla soup from Costco need it for as many meals as possible tasty it's low in calories. It's thrilling and it's for the most requirements. And okay her wisdom. I would guess though I would smear with cheese and Parker. All assaults so congratulations. To do you in Denver Colorado. In all 240. Pounds in one year. Just by eating check. Secrets. It's. Star in 941.