Best Advice from Mom

Friday, May 6th


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And you are making news. Switch today Jeffrey Jones shall all star or not. Mother's Day weekend we are taking your phone calls to celebrate. Mama we went you know the best single sentence of advice she has ever giving you hey Aaron welcome to the show hurry up. Hero or a single sentence of advice from your mama what he got. My mom with any anti terror heard was that it what it icky and not yours don't touch it got hot. And as a parent that really work still left. Ricky I write this down easily my kids if it's wet and key and not yours now tactic. Disgusting and I awesome thank you and I had a pre Huntington Oprah. For Mel Morgan and Kenton woody gap. My mommy tell me he put a much bigger thing than yes. And what's mom's name Kelly thank Shelley. Payment Tuesday Megan what's when he got. And the handle and he let in more than you let it. Move. Yeah yeah but that's doesn't seem bright. I've been protecting water so that obviously weren't happy I think I'm. News is they don't your question my mom and yet there are. Thank you for the bit nicer Burnett. President on velvet hey Lindsay this single best sentence of advice he ever got from Iran. Well might he do that now OK and my mom always said easier. Or take at all. That I'd like how you have to clarified to be getting to that it has to do with being an. I'm with you term that he's got the quote and I have four boys got up even for a network and I teach preschool. Does this with daughters will pass it along for your mama may could exactly yeah good blitzer about it which amounts and only eighty. I thank you. And thank you Judy. McCain Jennifer would she got that bit of advice from your mom. She told me that. The IR today in her nails that are pay it but say that god hey give. Army. Advocate to threaten the world with that I could make a difference. So we does that really suites. That say you go volunteer or donate or paid for it somehow on your birthday every year. That's pretty cool awesome and did not. I am and what and what your mom's name art thanks Marcia. Came Murray which. I guess I'm in my mom took care at recent right what is. If you're proud of you felt anyone you madder than anyone who cares about you will be crabby kill anyone who doesn't matter. FiOS fantastic thank you it to mom's name Juan island and couple off of FaceBook that are great from April Shultz always Wear nice underwear that doesn't have any holes in it you never know what today neighboring. If Jose ER nurse and she wished more people this and yet that's it. Yeah this the good and Jason Brown when you hate the only person that suffers is you. Because half the people you hate don't know art and the other half don't care hey man he's gonna get mama. Somebody I adopted the mommy and How I Met Your Mother nothing good happens after 2 AM. That strip has century that is absolutely chip. Heels are making this switch today Jeff CJ shall always thought.