Ben Rector Calls Jenn!

Wednesday, March 23rd


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Yeah dollar and 941. There is a song that made everyone wants to know about thanks to Jane I. I dining Ben wreck during the song is great meaning for Jen even just a little clip of it makes resurgence here I get so excited it's just an inspirational song I heard it the first day that I started here as tiny far wanna walked into. Our boss Tony south as his plane and I was like. This isn't magical is an amazing experience. And actually have a friend of my husband's. Who heard it when we first played it on sanity for one it was trying to make a big decision and her life right and had asked for a sign. Because she had a job offer was thinking about potentially moving force fed job and she heard this song. And then right in front of her a car pulled in front ever with license plate of the states. Of the job she could have moved tail and she said it helps her make that decision. That rate there is a sign yeah. As Julius knows she was inspired by it I've been inspired by it we hope you have been zero. And I think you are because those have heard it have been hitting us up on base look at emailing us going what is the name of that song. The other day of Ben rector call us specifically. To say thank you. To. Jenn hobby for choosing his song but I actually think the sound kind of choose here and James say hello to ban rector. Hey don't. There and then and then director. Are you for real I'm so real. I'm just. Thank you so much I've been. On Twitter I'd been the Brazilian treats people saying you're playing song and it. Bird that it's totally I know how big a deal that is not wasted on me. But thank you showed so much. Well I feel like I should thank you for writing a song am performing such an awesome song it's been so meaningful for us. And launching our morning show and getting the chance to do something that's brand new look and I have to tell you the story of when I first started at three station. I got here on my first day and walked into my bus Tony's office. And he was playing in the song and they gave me goose bumps and I welled up with tears and I was like I was I I did choked up even now like talking about it again because it's like. This is just so inspirational and so I wanna say thank you for giving me this is good deals although we are we. Actually and we just played it on Friday. It's the number one email that Jenn has been getting. Since we started doing the show what two and a. All that go off and thank you so much I'd change it and I'm so glad that. David. You've enjoyed the song. And events of the keys did feel like I just know that such a big. Think she got to give me a shot and I so appreciate you wanted to do yeah. Well you're so welcome and so deserving of it too I find out about the sound like what inspired bit. Great so basically. I've realized I was making records food usually cap and see right you know all of which song. You go to record and music the recording process takes awhile. We usually acts are recording stop writing because it's just like a district creative mode. We're using ended up happening when there are wondered you really good kind of inspired songs that we just like come out like a month after I finished recording. On this record. I'd built in like an extra month after the recording process over to get out like an issue like there's always honored to become. It's like a good song and I think PS yes. Because Souter wrote that song it just so like he should statement for the record and so like great news the last song I wrote. We are talking to bend director basing this on brand nailed it was my inspiration on day one of the show. And we're so excited to have. Hair and as as an artist. Are you. Are you excited that they hit song. Is the very last one you wrote in my there and almost made time you spent on all the oh earlier one judge and I should just write him on the last month. Global I mean I think that the I would the you know. I feel like creative stuff can be weird in general but especially when you start adding that expectations she. Can make a lot harder and so I think part of this process so I wanted to figure out a way to like hot wire. My like creativity. Like well like what to way to trick myself into thinking that there are no expectations just don't just. Give yourself another month in there were in process. I think that's actually something we should look into Janet is heading zero expectations for this radio show okay no I know whatsoever and then anything they're good comes from a big surprise set the bar real well. That's epic that is I am painfully pessimistic. Which has been set first people think he's endearing to people like me you're crazy chalk it. They're bigots because any time anything good out of them like this incredible. We are talking to Ben rector who sings a song brand nailed. Your fans are amazing I mean from them moment those first note of brand new played and starring before one. Your fans were tweeting ask on thank you so much for some form director Ernie he's awesome and he got ears other staff. Honestly I have. Being continually. I don't know if it's so cool to see that people are. Legitimately excited about my music like you if you like what I I knew you guys played it feel they haven't Twitter that morning and every. Like here honestly I don't know. That's a 1001. Celebrates topsy and so excited yeah I hear your voice to get to know your personality that's fine. Such an inspirational thing Tressel. Going to be one of those songs brand new will be one that I will hear for the rest of my life and it will bring me right back suit the first day here are so right thank you for. Think that's memory. And my brain and my heart for Aaron thanks for letting me be part of that I really appreciate it.