Being Optimistic Is Good For Your Health

Tuesday, October 18th


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All right now before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. The attack. I. Think I thought it was really cool and it's in line with what we do to start the week we do a segment on Mondays of gratitude eat fresh and pretty we talked about what we're grateful for. And this is about how gratitude and been grateful creates more optimism in your. So the more grateful you are the more you came and re train your brain and be grateful the more that you train your brain to be optimistic and gadget of the right side of things. And basic optimism actually helps you live longer according to science and research people who have increased sense of optimism live longer. They get sick less often. I'm pessimistic people and who wants and right. They say if you do if you're optimistic and you do get sick that you heal and recover faster than pessimistic. That freaks I thought that's so cool. I 1000%. Believe that because. I think there's like this attitude this energy that comes from. People who say with all of their being. I'll be well by track but it do you have a cold regularly and if today was accused him rites and you say I have a cold. And you say with all of your being I'm ready and and you believe it at that whereas if you're one of the people who say well resign your cold last. Re weeks. And it will Donna is right it's self fulfilling prophecy an act well they say optimistic people also report lowers stress levels and difficult times and that's because I'm optimistic people show less cortisol and inflammation in their blood. Less an adrenaline an increase immune functioning. Say optimistic people happier being in a positive mood of your brain function better and it's easier to be productive and problem solve. If you're stressed that working you have a lot of things to figure out lots of problems to solve if you're happier your brain actually function better and come up with a solution. Pastor and come up with better solutions than if it. They say optimistic people sleep better. Yeah I do report their quality of sleep you just lie imagine you worry about everything before you'd -- op. This is obvious that you have better social relationships and greater quality support systems if you're optimistic because. People wanna be around optimistic people. You want to be around to me that puts you in about a man. They say that she more goals and personal successes and new and this and I thought was really tackle. This because I have two parents and had heart attacks and so heart disease runs in my family so much more on higher alert when it comes to heart issues and here's stuck a little while now and Eddie Reese sat down and they wish him keeping both it was more optimistic that well Ctrl+Alt+Del. And optimism helps protect our hearts and circulation that optimistic people have better blood pressure and their less likely to have hypertension heart disease now. Oh anyway yeah happy. Laugh a lot yeah religion contentious at. It's an eighty minute I think the real world example of that is when you see children do you use reuse as you're youngest utterly she doesn't know. We talk about things like that the reason that she's in the hospital blood smiling and waving at everybody and cheered everybody up if she so. Happy. She just doesn't know how not to be happy right her brain doesn't know that this isn't normal right so I think that. I think a lot of times you see caves he does them no matter and I think that that. The data and a faster track of healing and a better attitude during the treatment the doctors at children's say that that the younger you are. That quicker that you feel that you're happy you idiots as the agents. The very confident are optimistic. Star in 941.