Bedtime Parenting Advice For Jenn

Monday, February 19th

Jenn's kids prefer when she puts them to bed, leaving dad out in no-cuddle-land. But never fear, other mommies have the solution!

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Star in 941. Our kids are breaking our mind every single night because of her break one parent over the other at bedtime that I don't know what it. No. I think wolf are they old enough yet to. Accepts cash bribes to play they have what I'm just saying they give it. Grant gave them like five bucks to be nice to make abuse slipped on five continents like just being nice. I've tried to do bribery. In case you're. You know what's gonna switch you know and it's probably going to be when they're teenagers. You're gonna be their sworn enemy you know that's gonna happen right. So we got another good on special. Visit this again unaware grant could start doing something special that only heat yes. My only he does says hi mom has ended as I do this kind of saying like a special bloke or like a special song. And my dad always adds on them really sweet write the story that mean events I was I was like are mad at like that closely. OK so grant could do that Mamie but the magic trick you. Yeah pet pet as a we just do that to make you an addict. I'm mandate Marietta woody got. I actually did get here between the two other operatic unit or year old girl and that they always gotten me. But and the bad. Affect him a little bit more work and I. And they though what we do it give them like how Oakland and crying and he take the bad and let my opponent I'd bet and I hate and bad they don't get any tree. A case of that balances it out. That can really counted out or I. And we also had started actually good they share about early we do separate them now because they did deftly gigabyte. At each other. Yeah okay that's great advice I'm glad count the Clementine and bratwurst for you but to meet Clementine sees like a terrible bribe. Nigeria to peace and I give them that they get that their horse. Hey you'd go to your jumps. Or transplant when he give eateries shut up plus I thought by at Belmont and Lauren and it kicked it ahead. Joseph and Buford. Hey yeah yeah it is still yet to actually contract come okay dad had to have something special he has to have a special primetime toll. And the like that that mommy doesn't know. Operate are like colored bubbles. Lonely knowing that. When it comes to actual bad. It's time. Adding to help limit secret some mommy can't be an array it and then it can become an applicant pancaked on the leaking endorsed not like that and then like I have then you always banging. Twinkle twinkle to my daughter she had a growing our stars owner dealing. And Egypt and twinkle twinkle clearer every night and they pick Alex star they enter it but I did you know the words to that. That's really cute I like the bubbles you pays kids are simple colored bubbles that. Kids are sample are you are and love good and Florida we can't. At age I don't February that your family minutes twinkle twinkle little star. I've got to do is Colin Kelly's boyfriend until on bubbles. And mobile's current pattern of right to bat to a Easley is our role Lear jet and mr. DNA and tennis somehow welcomed this Shahal. I yet now first stop the. Little girls they're gonna try to identify with her mother that it's an actual stage they have to go through cellular year old and a four year old is trying to identify you and your two year old is just following it that's all it's. Is doing. So young need to be patient because they do this they identify with that same gender parent. Somewhere between tore all the way up until about seven and other got to explain to you know because that's a I think you. But the thing is. I need to bribe them at all it huge hill we'll show them what. Fun and YouTube had together in front of them all have been there as well me. All know now it's. Earth guy playing you know like playing tag or you know like. Kicking kicking each other around the dinner table I don't care it's that anything that shows that. Daddy are really buying guide he says he can tell you I really fun and now you just do it with that and. And just be patient with the leak them identifying it he'll. And phone number stuff huh. I can't call you as there is an exception to your cool yearly amount smarter brand I Al. You can play this fine games in front of them like we do eat inexpensive love seat we're gonna haven't heard. And give me like no we just put our butts sonet and he could have banked it in front of them. I think that's just life I mean that's like they last opponent that's such a good idea now and she's so great about. The station's license their. So Smart that they're just the way just that a family well I think our listeners clearly Summers aren't yes when I heard an assay is you guys need to have a sign. And young star ready for a one.