Beauty Hurts!

Monday, June 20th


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Jeff and show us Shelby Steele. Conversation at 4047. Pete or Andre and sorry my whole life. Apparently getting injured in the name of beauty. Thing and it's quite calm things unfortunately. Crazy stuffed it beautiful and and ourselves you guys Steve stepped it freaks me to you winning. You women trying to look good talking about eyelash curler oh my god likely to anybody eyelash curler freaks freaks. Right now. Buy it does look like some weird surgery is about to happen. 040474194. And that's the numbers that happened and for a 47419400. Injured in the name of beauty. I can start off with. A woman nice. She's in the passenger seat of the car applying. I made. I happened to be in the passengers being read so my chance to look around. Watching her on TV while the cars were corruption I was looking great and her. When the driver stepped on the brakes watched yours if oh wasn't that being tortured gadget thing. Curler you know it was just deceit in I. I think that. It was little it was the little thing in the Brussels in the end. And them outlined yeah an agent. Whatever she was getting dressed up for dialing it may have made banners and care. We will not injury I'd. Read all of your make you have got your your O'Leary lines. Bracket which you don't look of panic promoter while we're waiting for calls for 0474194. Did you ever injured yourself. At different times at this one is the curling iron right I mean most burned yeah most don't have burn themselves either on your neck or your forehead. Around your ear. And you only have to do once twice before you really learn your lesson but. Really hot curling iron nugget or you like go to move it and you pick it up where he shouldn't and it still hot back limber and you. And then that I've been burned was I'm from the gel manic here. You have when he hit the jump in here you have to stick your hand inside this little box that has the UV light or whatever for whatever reason when I was using it. Some salons really hot and I bumped my hand on getting in there and I. I don't think it some of that happening guys and ran really don't think ever. We'll think about your beauty routine I mean how much you guys really have to deal if you shave we've seen shaking injuries right yeah I guess in bad shape intact. And you have to let challenge your hair maybe exit. To brush your teeth loss. That's. Meg and in Atlanta how to be injured yourself in any beauty. I would eat my NAR. My acne. And I corporate human iron and it rhetoric in a lot rank they tricked my great grabs. I grabbed off all of my aunt and to me that integrate our. On law. There. Yeah. I liked and out with a few of bad. Yeah. I'd watch you all right off. Given that trick to the military and wanted to torture waterboarding or anything which is just grapefruit scrub and red day they'll do it. Angela and coming how did you injure yourself in the name of beauty. And I are going my back and honor. Apple need or can't get my eyebrow yeah thank you. My idea it. Eating. At you Aaron Brooks. And. I call it port being found some people. Attacking cabinets and then there is so. Tender. Oh well maybe unlike cash. You pay. Just never gonna write about us. Hey. Carolyn welcome that Jeff and. I decided to put on eyelash. And arsenic eyelashes grow longer. Look longer and I think it on our wedding I'm in Italy in party and the stuff made mine eyes swelled shut. Trio all all in it almost if it would fight someone punch me in Boca. Thanks for the call care and Iran. I. The waxing so. Resonating with the F 4047419400. Injured in the name of beauty your phone calls Michelle in stone mountain at yourself. It is ludicrous and apparently. In the ninety's we would learn the tip of our eyeliner to make it while doctors make is here. And I went to the eye doctor because I wanted to get contacts. And he. Told me underneath my pilot looks like a couple hour lunch yet mine in in between all the cracks. It had that eyeliner. Let it in there. Like primarily in your skin. I TV that I mean you can't get it out I don't think you can question Al. Oh yeah it's stuck in there and between all couples. Yourself and you gave yourself purr and Emeka. In Atlanta. Courtroom really eager and something. She permanently tattooed herself in the name of beauty she's like a prisoner. I flew low paid learn your phone calls coming out. Thanks for being a part of it.