Battle Of The Bens

Thursday, March 1st

Our friend Emily's Rumble date didn't go as hoped, but we are determined to help her find love!

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They just in Jiangxi well. The competition is it appears this morning on the jet engine and show who has the very best matchmaking. Skills who can save us. Our single girl Kelly from total starvation and I learned celibacy. Pellicano or the other dirt dating life is not bend going very well I went in there so we have an idea for her. On the battle romance. Tim got jokes her dating life has banned a disaster until today I had Jan seriously. And that's it took it. It's gonna give yours. You down. I'm ready I'm ready for you guys have thrown down this is finally composition I'm not a part of what I'm ready unfair competition 'cause I'm and I Cora shall. My dad we've we have these programmes first come down Kelly putt putt. JP's ban is family and I used as your blood and I got the best band. And I'm the match rigor of the group. And she I'll star. Yeah it is time for us to start painting our picture there. Just give me. We tried with family at this time last week but it didn't. It didn't happen the way we wanted to sing is our single girl on the edge of dating starvation and she's gonna shrivel up. Without our help. Guide yeah. I shot to be any. So tell us about dating for her I mean she was really have a hard time I aim and we try to set her up for Cubans uneven this'll be funny will center on the first day in her underwear. Well I she matched with didn't really work out so well with rumble but we're gonna try again because we got our shot it doesn't give. We believe in La. Out of bands we like to compete just fifty so. So JP. Says they add that to recharge I think and a Sunday night hey what's up with. How to go and Emily yesterday's and as he and Chirac elected do in the end there's a lot of energy there. He's as murky river my cousins and you met Ike has amana and paragraph with. The band named Kelly a few minutes later in a separate conversation as I had somebody is perfect for Amelie. I his name is. Ben and I'm like why it. The battle of the bands. Are you kidding me. I'm getting get a band. And now there three bends in the running for emily's heart. But in the past you have then the course management that is not true and have to edit out where your living my parents Kelly either. You don't give up I commander for the. Kelly it you're terrible I'm not terrible I tried to hook Kelly I'm the only one that I can remember going orally. Is Kelly and it's because she's not compatible notes that has said he would your weird friend that I didn't. It's easy. Of that kind trying to Hewitt and Chris yet you're here he is pressing OK. Remember we did every and we even talked about it and you told everybody that you're going to be great match maker and I was in hell for like three now who talked talk talk talk yeah well he was in Hal times in ten. This out you know but I got the real men aren't so appearance. I think it takes it with Emily yesterday and so this is all going down and she's got a job and stuff even as an heading over backwards. I'm. The ban puns just keep giving him a candidate that. As always it's gonna offer. As long as he then you think about. Fat that's. So who would like to go first and sell their man. Go ahead JV yeah so your band that like hides Jane you'll be asking any questions that Emily when asked. JP will will put like ninety seconds on the clock so your band you ask the questions. Men. Kelly can seller band and then my band. I've got the best band that I'm a column big band a cat thinks so far right now let's have JP sell his bend in the wall come back for Kelly span perret okay JP has your Ben Ben. My band is a stud he's got a sweet beard he's athletic he likes to go bicycling. I have the advantage of meeting Amelie and knowing which he likes wrong Italy's in the sports. Oh my gosh so is my aunt and cousin Menem's gonna calm 'cause Ben 'cause bands at my cousin. He plays guitar he's great it acoustic guitar. A lawyer likes country music on my gosh Ben likes country music to the old country in the new country may be team players song and I know that. What else Ross who want to know about long is he banging your cousin is that he's been my cousin for about eight years. Okay and see so I married and your families our real Pamela neck pain and I. Hanging on there. Because time we preach on the just and judge Joseph friendly we choose our friends and family that's right so we make our own family and I do you think you have said it before cousin then is more of a quiet guy. You see all of a more laid back but that doesn't mean that he's boring and Emily is I would say edge and extrovert. Yes and opposites attract definitely. You know that it could be you're matchmaking skills could be really it. And I know that he hasn't Netflix account that works and back Pamela I could and we likes it now accounts are watching Netflix and she's in the going to live sporting events. Both Ben and Emma earlier from the midwest match and she wants somebody it's a little bit more mature on that thirty 435. Ainge. Kessler Ben is right in that wheel house maybe JP win the sleeper wind maybe here. Office all of these assets of 'cause men are gonna be really band no official. We baby. At bath I'm. Talking got to be you gotta be added abandoned at. They just friends that Ben Nelson are. Then how. This is and Jeff and she and show up starring 941. The battle. And then is that it is our magic making competition. Single girl and only allows we got a debit Denny Joey tried to manager with rumble and it failed miserably so we feel that we dollar water. To be starved of dating life and html so we are on a mission to match her up. EPO offered his cousin band that's right just moved into town as well pitched Jim thinks he's going to be a great match and Kelly she says while I then. And Jeff thinks that he has the best abandon. And he has been in the past the worst matchmaker on the plane I just Ben he thinks is going to be the best hot there was wind that. And finally really bad fail. Because it was you and your know it wasn't because of me was the president EU and your weird and there are challenged. To match may. Well maybe he will do a little bit better with the then we'll see if just bend is the best and the first right now Kelly cheese. You've got to pitch. You're banned. Yet our Emily how long have you been writing these jerks. It. And again and I. Yeah and I had to find out our next president and yeah okay is what's happening I. I'll be called us on my best friend amendment and I was bound and for about eight years now. Ben is a former air force NASA is out of AA. INA. A gay UNC UGA. Got a great job. He's got I was under so blue you'd think you're looked in into an ocean of Lula. Did Wright ever that you GA thing isn't she have big sports fan. I'll our kids in Iran didn't have had him. He. I love Netflix is well he is a huge game at browns fan even read the books and I rhinos as books Boeing 700 pages long that's great. But he goes all assorted things huge UGA fan huge on eBay banned. Love Atlanta united. Hard to all weighing LA's world is reading a book really impress. I think you can read in general and color thank you get. Yeah you re. No give up owns my dogs like the pages of JR and Damon don't look there are no nobody actually read those books. Yeah I tell you the reason it didn't work that was because I mean I can. Magic here we are great Chris Cheney and Reid yeah. Then having either Eugene. So they definitely have a bombing he loves to go out and he has an awesome awesome group of friends which. I can vouch for 'cause I'm a Mac group of friends so. Our day is also technically yesterday and today as duke on February 29 so he's one of those weird kids he's actually seven and a half moon is a birthday. Yeah definitely I Everett adds hey. I question for you because you say he is our member here frank grip yeah when is the last time UN him hooked up. I've never huh. Never end up with my best friend then Kelly you browse through your friend group went through roll through a box had dug in on how. I had a good group is edition of the company. That's my best friend man and I think he's annaly and he's also got a beautiful smile and a great voice that is where line these all up right back to back right on a Friday Saturday Sunday ban yup so Italy's gonna get to have three dates in three days and she only has remember one name correct span that makes her the real benefactor. Here. Caressing it can yeah. I didn't read them. 12 I'm I've just. She and show up still are not easy for a blind. Oh my god is again. Then does that match making competition into the vampire single gal Amelie. There's so many bands and getting dizzy and I'm like getting the band. I got a case the baby. He's been Jarrett should have been overlap because I don't know. I made their debut ever spent his band. That's right he is this week bearden had in sports watch and athletic bicycling teacher at Emory University. That plays the guitar. And Kelly she says I can one up bad and I got the Mercedes-Benz. Of all men. Our air far isn't guy you Jay grad I was so bully ill Alston com. And now Jeff it's your turn the ultimate brand now we will call him big band again they. His name is Ben. He is 35 babies saying no he lives and made Downey injuries the finer things in life like steam out loud she legs dogs. He has a job any on several pairs a pants. They auriemma straight from mumble. And which you find your ban is this a friend scroll through your phone and just look through that aren't bet there meego one my new refrain it's large army. How mean Canas partisan. It's even said you're gonna win this match making competition even though your viewers matchmaker on the planet. Then. Sight of that. Yeah marbles and you racquet speed right about this what we do radio and Mike and and command and you put in and on wet Craigslist. Craigslist. Where event. No relationship section. That's the previous section on Craigslist. That is that is so creepy. On what you wanted to put it in votes for sale did anybody and you did you have a high hanging out there and got a whole lot of answers. Would deserve ads say some of my camp and see how honed. Oh right I got the ads here you know and every best. I was supposed to be and the phone minutes and you. He was he overslept your new friend overslept okay this is what Jeff posted on Craigslist. If you're famous and to this post might be your destiny. There's a woman named Emily looking for love she has almost given up on dating because she gets first date after first day but never a second day. I'm an on a salon but I know she is Smart funny attractive in great shape and loves dogs. Her perfect man is between thirty and forty and also loves dogs and is named Big Ten. Just answered that part is that you if so the treaty takes mean Hanley out this weekend sweep rubber feet I'm glad they're monitoring that knows say. I'll gladly pay him pay for the her state and a second. Math if you and our last hope please here's kind ASAP. And if you are not named Bernard Henri that you know here's the disk. Already really fast like a disclaimer I'm OK and if you're not amen and as a Nene mentally pass along to them thank ha ha. Homeowners. So desperate to win this competition he went right I had a good ban and you were left. Yeah from Christ are good bet and then you had to do Craigslist and in any bans. Seriously seriously don't know now won and announced a ban. But they're all in different states heard and relationships though. This when rope acne seem nice hello Emily I am the bend of your dreams. 35 and single out there midtown I enjoy the finer things in life like this team has lounge like dogs I have a jam in several pairs of pants. Let's do this worst case scenario your body pays for two verdicts. Is this this is like a real event and still. You right back to yourself I offended you I'm not responding to an ad on Craigslist that's crazy. You meet. All you don't know anything about them. It's a background check before you cinema. They didn't mentally and even some are fairly public we need to know he's been vetted. I asked I am on all I come up Friday Saturday sunny Philly got a number one aim and aim isn't. We'll see who wins the battle than. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.