Bathroom Phone Etiquette.

Tuesday, August 7th

Are you guilty of talking the phone while using the bathroom?

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This is that just engine shop everybody's done as one. I usually only do with one person in your life thanking Kelly she's just suited me what I did. We're on the phone the other day I was chatting it up about Jeff and Jan show. And I heard a toilet flush him I think UP to veneer on the phone with me of her shark yeah. Or are. You beating and try to hide it. I'm as a right I didn't tell you that I I've I gotta go I don't hold it and when I'm on the phone on the cells and my dad got me on youth. And I got a piece so matter now but I probably onion you. Two early and you probably heard of flat. I was like. Seems you just hope we actress Shannen I can't believe meeting collar around right away I would have I would handle it in so much shot. I'm like now Imus must just be her car engine turning over I actually. And it's like she message is giving in her car in turning on her car is based on similar have to not only in person and I'm in do you do you as it ever. Oh yeah every time calving front calls Hanna what is he must know that I got a unlike Maine I'm so those are and the toilet and our studio bathroom here. As foolish as I what I you know link. I try to sneak in a couple times editors that we're oh yeah like automatic washers that I'm recognize that we achieve. Up and down in half ages ago I would just say here that you know. How rapidly the women's ram does go to album due this news you know one closes in this area you see it all the time. And I try and my media before we do it but sometimes like you're still sitting here and a light. Has an automatic flush I think it's you'd probably just gives that's so terrible too they're making. Yeah and I. Do you ever go on the phone with anybody. I well. I've given people the option I'm I'd hate to see now I got a piece so I consider found down. Well. I don't want person in my life that I would be honest enough with the got a bathroom on the phone and that's why does then. Dennis multiple people I would ask the events on the phone with you I'd be all right AJ and I can't tension always area are they got a piece of three options a fight back you down. Or of which are mute and it this can all this can happen more often than not people are like coming back. You give people the multiple choice if you've got to keep well would us me and it is the it is like hey sums up. I got a call you right back or like I got another call coming in got to go I don't miss it right and you know your name. Snow has ridge's testimony offline just gathered hall command that's so rude. I hope that basically is clearly more important and you. Target flush out while you're on the phone with is not it's okay well. I feel like if you just said that you would only do this and bring you should really I mean it's more compliment to any thing Jen I'm treating you like your don't want you know ask how. And love you so much that I know I'm sorry I know I'm gonna go. So it's your boyfriend and me you can not and as the owners with Carol it's everybody against nationalism this is it's I can and the boss. That's out tomorrow morning at 1030 meaning. And my Soledad homelessness so loud too like even a knob. You really like and I hammer down again that's good applies some surprises in your review I guess. Yeah trained Douglas element of the shallow. K. The guy you're gonna take this whole new level on June. And that arrogant they hate it aimed at night I did not think. About. Yeah. Oh yeah. And they eat you nobody did not. Let. Me. And I bet at the end of the app and you. And I. A day. I had been really. Busy in your life I. Pick out is that by yourself. And they've been like. I'm glad today you only call the economy's you yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.