Bathroom Etiquette

Thursday, August 9th

Are you guilty of talking on the phone while on the toilet?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf all the I saw on the so they're Kelly she easily and almost nine here. It is sad I like. To. Fly ash has hit. It just was in my and I missing anything a lot of leg she was getting in her car is the car incidents harbor. Certainly we. Home. 100%. And a son are present them yelling this is totally normal dude Todd found a number of minding your business and just keep that conversation going and not tell the person on the other line which do moms a brother didn't tell you truthfully that come out on it and I'm on the phone I am happy that he talked homeless man. Is studying this is just happy I bet you've got to know. I feel like you shouldn't do that in a on the phone with somebody if you wouldn't have them in the same room as you. IP and engine why it's here. Now why didn't go Libyans yeah. I don't know Taylor were numbers is how I see. Brian Marco in Lawrence bill please technologies rate this is disgusting. Hey I. Only I agree I think that link at good met outside the mine. We hear them by like don't go do our bit that while we're on the phone call it's not at all though only time I think it'd weird that you elect and equipment certify something. And you can get. Up on you as well as the swelling and none the wiser. I always ask your question right when you flush inning got a mommy and as they come back last night K okay so there so you guys. It that way and then I. I know quite well but it never fails. I hung on our wow Larry Craig Martin is on the phone with his BS fans and just about anybody you're on the phone with everybody. Lorraine Peachtree City who are you on the found ways that when you're using the Ponte. Sometimes my mom a lot aren't aware of your ma am uncomfortable actually inquiry you have to make up the hard time people conversation but yet it totally normal. And being. Up and let you got to have a much shorter VI PP list ahead. Loudon County I think you're supposed to and your mom and that's it. I tuning into that ring yeah. There I thought about all of these you know another report a lot of public didn't know better than I did my column yet. Toyota right into him. It is finalizing the Atlanta. It's funny Laura brings out the public private to me because. That's where the conversation went and social media yeah what about the public restroom Jeanine keep talking on the phone in the air now you don't think so now. That's where you draw the line now. How will you walk into a breast driven some reason the next I'll conduct in mid may have bothered doing their advanced HE double hockey states and oh. How many year you walk into a public rest jam just do your business and that's all next year is just talking away on the telephone is that rude. To be the aunt and a public restaurant we need your opinions on asthmatics can't tell the world how terribly rude and disgusting that is so. And I act I I do I knew I could play yeah I. I work and I'm not totally have a hospital on Doleac and they're an enigma and I'm been in here and NI KE LE. He didn't sound and he used against this and I'm like I don't even know you. So Monica yeah you're not allowed to take it to imminent pee break at work. Work out where key anywhere in the ER I feel about Florida and the unlike can't not talk not only I'm not adding there. I kind of money all of his patients on her VI PP yeah as a. Are you. Say they have I'm. And I'm not out and I are a leader didn't I came out. Nobody died I almost don't wanna know the answer to this are you on one of those little Bluetooth headsets. I can't expect it to the hook. Question is if you're a public restaurant on the when you're talking on the phone you know where you put it down when you needed now he Donnie on Diana solvency is here has heated up and every halted from his children to your ear you just talk he's right that it does not telling you Jason in Rome. I don't know this is not normal he and I don't understand why. You. My upper hand every time I call a guy out or close friend during the port saint like every time I called them are using the bathroom and on what went to hit the dumbest thing and even worse is that. In the Iranian you know Willie. When they're straining. It's. Good now only in my admin married minutes I seen that I I. At all. The original plans for that weak candidate and you and your friends. I'll probably get out like it did about it a lot of the strain than hard maybe keep the same friends beaters go more fiber in their guy. Yeah there's a lot of their subs did I. Judy you're giving me or does have a confession to make and. I have a confession that to me that you mean this really wary or use fittingly though not Keener and know now India in the background note though narrowed. Do you mean I have and I knew something Geneen did. Weird to me have so much had to tell a lie about it. What have. And well I would mean there's. Winning they shared restroom that when the we have in the hallway right and I took his seat time and was detained carried you know whatever and they entered the managers with things in name. I look over to the right in on the top of the toilet paper holder. Is a follow in his if your son Aaron bonds series somebody's found. Syria have a total roller so. So I did get up and I didn't realize it was Geneen. And so. I brought it in to her studio. But I couldn't bring myself to say. I had found this on the shelf next to the turtle that half a. So instead I was right. This was on the counter in the bathroom. I don't know how. I'm is sweet like he's trying to save her embarrassment I guess. Yeah. To meet you were sick and can't reading your exploits. Just all time who know me and we give. Even I haven't in the studio we don't have an answer that are like I said that's pretty. Don't sit on the planet. Who. The fact that number is about. To meet and not the new world. No Larry bird's just noted if you get a Laker accounting from Writely can and the grams there's a good chance that came in while she is blueprint. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.