Baseball Drama

Tuesday, June 26th

Jeannine was super excited to join the framily and sister stations at the Braves game tonight. But she got called in yesterday and was UNINVITED!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. We very real life episode of the office are now I'm well aware and a few examples of that. I'm our interns. Immediately when they arrive at the station in the morning look for blankets to wrap themselves in head. Because various rooms on this floor. Can be used to store meat. We often go looking for a copy paper like it is the last morsel of food in the distance the puck. But today. It gets even better or worse however you wanna look at OK so remember everybody was invited to braves game. Tonight yes so it's all on air staff finances supposed to be this you know the bosses like everybody gets other we're gonna bond at a race game grant says he. It's us and it's our other stations. As a sister stations Robin have a good time together so it's all the programming folks let's all bond and so email goes out to invitation and invites all of the programming staff. And everybody replies and they can go or not. Pretty Sergio here for Kaiser yes immediately Britney yes I don't give it. He's just a little on here. Would give me. Not on Newsnight a story of him YOK because the yeah yesterday Jeanie who gets an end to an office and essentially. Uninvited and again one. They do not realize the limited number. Of people who were allowed to come to the game and they were invited to many people took basically too many people said yes that they were gonna go to the game. So they pulled her in office and asked her. Is she really really wanted to go out because there were three people that were like on the edge of not being invited and they wanted to know like. How badly do you really wanna go because of the three people basically at the bottom of the totem poll you're one of those three and we need to know how badly wants ten. Some not only did it so it wasn't like six. All you can tell. They need anything that. You didn't do anything wrong. Announce it now. I only. Did. Somebody make that decision to throw a party and invite everyone. But then when they oversold that they sort of giving got to cut people so rather than just making the hard decision we have to cut eight DNC. This outspent AB and C can't go out instead they made a whole group of people and Hunger Games style you have to decide amongst itself. Basically yeah. It's so are you going tonight's. Is it the other people late. We're OK with it I wanted to Kendall yeah isn't gonna be there and I don't the only person unlike our morning show that like now and cool. Well Judy I yeah clear but him. Yeah. You weigh in on the name need need means and you don't need. Obama it's weirdly out. I guess it does seem coming out of your online now everything I can't get everything that I do in somebody's taking on my little sister and I'm renting a loss on the united. Honey to start saying who while. Guys who run the who was it they call you names in the media don't need to. Steve now on through many under the bus I'll write it down Soria who was it just say it's is turning. And really and there are loans as you and him. Pretty bring everybody in and then you're like yeah. God's roster nausea and did not name was he at least uncomfortable about a 188 joined in it. He milieu is really got a body that only that I have to do Susan is ridiculous. He and you feel better about it but he's still candidates in. It's not it's you have his phone number. It. Imus and Saturday on his phone number. I want my trainer so we're definitely I mean I'm. And they I wanted a name I wanna know why did you mean was the one at the bottom of the yeah that's not able pollen. Yeah. This is then Japanese yen shall put our Java like you have ordered drama and are you gonna call. You are OK you got the number right so you just jumping into the Jeff contend show we just explain that. There's a big impact of the Braves game and for some reason it. Didn't she mean it did not get to that uninvited it's because they invited to meet you too many people said yes so engineer had to get. Un invited and she. Oh was it. Pull into a meeting yesterday and basically said like how bad you really wanna go because it's between you and Andy who can get. Members have this weird conflict with each other and she. And Andy who does nights here at Santa. He's on in the evening. So all pretty upset about this Kelly is the most mad about it I'm quite a few times picking on my little sister and I just feel like any Dumars should marry and be like dude. Back off. She's gonna be game most well Greg here's the Q my question. Is so reviews say the you really wanna go when you last all the goes a friendly. Right does that mean and he's out. Yes well. I didn't there's nothing out of feel that. We will get to the bottom of this knowledge Murray who. You do. I haven't jammed. Hate saying it will you tell in the bed if he wants to go to the game tonight. Then he go to the game Kuerten will buy imitate it we want the whole friendly there. I do. They just think it not that many people would say yes and then too many people say he. Does Santa. Late word orbiting around the main headquarters every now. How many people are here. Here's what happened Tony rapid tests. Well you call knowledge can. I simply invite out and then I got an email back saying oh wait to people can't go. After everybody says why. Other that's great. Do you want some matter you want me to tell America that think he should. So I don't doubt about it you know so I think we shouldn't take it I don't you know. Just out of curiosity who is the one who decided that hierarchy. Like who is the line you've put everybody in order. This person ever applied today email okay well I don't care the only thing I care about is that wasn't me so that's why did all right so. And it wasn't it wasn't me yes I definitely I did I totally about it and I read that I put had a moment to do this in out right now I'm gonna have him do it. I don't wanna do it. Nobody great on sweet little Geneen ever now. I. Damn well please let Randy know that but go find me goes live informants. We've got the final road for him at this similarly solid and it all right thanks radar scene and I did the right to the that's on Jan. And. And. And I have present in the hunt for assuming they could clear this and so and so now and so and easy now right. Now last. Cool because it's ever resist Venus sweets so the environment take he's going to be outside fits that. And vetting and lonely are the non union I didn't love Steve Simon looking and leave. No beliefs and everybody can stare at the person who got an invite you can talk. My weaned anywhere I will give Indy might take it. Now just talk my way into it a kind of just it's and it's all the radio stations people confuse me and they take your time you have three all time. Com's constantly and is now on nine the nail right how often that happens so I can walk rate up and then you're like hey what's up I was an aids you know afraid. So glad that I and figure out how you got to the bottom of the terrible well I want you to go outside and call Marino. In find out who the person is that he wouldn't column on the okay that's an extent of this I actually think you parlay to imagine this Tennessee's I should. I don't wanna handle that diplomatically OK. Okay I see your point. It used to do you know. And make her really well yeah incoming and the district government. It's a. Everybody in our office was invited to the Braves game tonight and then that producer Jean was an invited so we are about to put somebody in the hot seat who made that decision is imminent so awkward. Jeff you're ready for the confrontation I just want to know who. Who is the one who decided that Andy and I guy and Janine RRG mean is that blast you leave unless I zero especially Geneva it was the first street we now know that is a fact is an JR I feel uncomfortable immediately. Antonin solar lamps. There's there's a lot of attention manner so you should be apologetic about the scene there. More drama over this it is small stuff in your office and so do we have time. Our John Edwards rewards of this mine told station invite is amazing time given name was uninvited in my head about that what we can as. Think happened is he is busy need to understand of the few months ago arts company the company that owns starry for a line. And the company that owns other radio stations in town they merge. So now our. Gramley is grown our work rams had starter Andy for one. And then it is a nannies you know and the game viewing a 3 NW am OK so these four radio stations now operate under one company but. We are located. Near suntrust parking cap count. Those radio stations are located in midtown so word like that that did the satellite offices right. Again you know and Oregon trail you start out at the fort. And you're trying to get to or gambit along the way there's outposts. Jeff Bynum played organ trail since like 1990s for worsening. The only ones who really got there and thought it was funny notion that there are you kidding me you don't know Oregon trail now I'm gonna hurt that never played I idea I'm not wholly ascent. Computers were. I'm boxes you've never played Oregon trail now. You've never died of this and Mary now snake right though never had to fort river not part of your oxen were way off track there ever let's. Go back to the Braves came tonight okay because we've got sick kids anemic and and we've also got to get Andy end because. In the genie were posted at the bottom of the totem pole at. Trying to or spring and Fred's against Randy he's fine we're gonna do go find me whenever but it sell water bottles in front of the stadium we got a guy in easy and I wanna know. Why AG mean it was at the bottom of the list the bottom of the pecking order and AMP. Well now we are well we have we have gotten Marino to give up the person who is located I was pretty easy to. I. Number refers to a person I call these cell Maria LA convention and him as much as she writes attention and her series like I can give this to somebody else. Yes it was dots. So who is located in. And our south office so I think it's only rights too simply ask him. Why. Yeah. Showed. Using Geneen and they need to be the Marlins. I thought it was definitely specifically Jenny. Hello page I'd suggest. They would come and you have thirty seconds. I'm damn I'm in right now anyway I can call you back alert. There's probably only take a second we you just tell you mean that she can't go to the game tonight. And her saying because it's embers that video and an even now. She's gray hairs ago intelligent life that turns the one not allowed to go to the game. Okay Eric Goodell is nobody got to take this out of context is out of control. No it's not a good morning should make clear that and you blow at a record. It's down to times. They can't I have. We have a certain number they get them that we create more tickets that squeaked though the issue was actually able to come to it yet but many backed out though congratulate me you're coming into the game. Plenty more happy. Yeah baggage in a you're not at the bottom of the list but you're close out the bottom. You are so different answers aren't. Oh yeah. That it. Andre at all Grammy. Well I think he's is that right insanity. I say things that are really close I got I big uses every between Dutch and marine now. I think Lisa pregame before yet again and I encourage our early hands out man on the straight as surging. Mean we are getting your back we announced that we had the siblings he never had. You had like eyebrow I had two sisters. Who ignore. Upbringing we're doing they should've done for years and get your back you mean you are important. He would say I'm Janine and I am important aide I say I. I'm Janine and changing meaning and importance they. And I mean thank you to. Ask you got now now. As for making this wedge to the jet engines one star not before one.