Banning Disney Movies

Tuesday, October 24th

This Step Mom wants to ban Disney movies in her home, and she makes an interesting case!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Alina new fires some advice this morning miss so if you've got some call us if there's a mum and his ex husband is now remarried and his mom wants to CNN and Disney movies. And their kids watching and I'm. And every day message that we got from her hair back if he's got some advice for 04. 2630941. She's not sure my little less than. It's. I did not even realize this Janet bite. It is true that these step mom's Enid. The Disney films are are are that led the female and that was antagonist right then melons in Billings. Are you so often step mom is yes that official villains are often women and even in more often sat moms like. And Cinderella so here's letter not letter but he I would printed out here is the message that I guy. Through faith that contagion and I'm conflicting and I hope he can help. Much higher divorce and he is now remarried we have five year old twin girls. And there are new step mom just called me when a request she wants to ban most Disney films from the there experience from their lives because there are so many evil stepmother says she thinks it sends a negative message. My initial thought was your nuts calmed down by Dennis are you think about it. Cinderella snow YE. Proposals mom and tangled. Mother Koffel. Molasses and even regular movies like parent trap. Is she making sense or is this a crazy overreaction on her part to line tonight my daughter's opportunity to enjoy these classics at her request. As anybody else who dealt with this I thank you and please don't use my name. Lindsay and Lawrence now. I had actually that's not at all girl watched it in maybe. Any act. That she preventing you coming up. Are you sure do like little girl who live at eight we brighter outlook on there. How old girl each other ever look at what she gonna and I ask because you can edit it brings. This thing here is the thing Lindsay. Is Jan and I wanna know it's idea on yet as our guy because you obviously had two daughters that and there'll soon hill are all about the princesses and all about Disney movie. They're ready and add friends as we Ohio. They now yup because I kind of cited with a step mom. Really. I mean I she it's not a crazy request. Chris Ian Snell well. Try and I have I grew up with a step mom. And that's the best thing in the world did he dashes that mom and a pretty poor light. That kid can eat that and the contract while we're so lucky that we have batch would I would and I'm very concerned with them on doesn't want and that she. She's doing everything that he would do. Honolulu. She did you know I'm it would be very obvious to be told that while our settlement agreement didn't get the evil that mom quote. Because that's what we did growing up we had this. Don't normal person and mom and we think saudis didn't we felt so lucky. Thank goodness there we need you don't have that. Doesn't it saying he figures not so moms and locking a tower and making very very long under. Any sane a subliminal message. Is it sending late. Luke a bad leg as subliminal. But kind of backed tour. Implication that step mom's or mean well the thing with Disney movies is they send a lot of subliminal messages. You know that you need a prince charming to save viewed to have you have happily ever after are you gonna get mad about that in your. You felt if you find a corpse of a woman in the words to say it's an amber yeah you can only be saved by true less chance. Towards generally speaking are good you should you really wish upon a star. Could. Now I'm I'm just saying there's a lot of subliminal messages. But I'm guessing today stepmother they evil step mom message really speaks right at the heart of who she hit Ashley what her British now. And I. I don't see something and then our our our. Oh I'm so I have a daughter or daughter Alec ever killed an aunt that. I. Hi Larry aren't all are trying to hide and and and. But actually when you watch Cinderella and you get so mad about it is seven others like making her scrub the floors and then my. Lavishing her own actual biological daughters. With all of the beautiful dresses in a chance to go to the ball and she makes Cinderella wears rags and take care and. I don't get where it matters very tired out. Out there are relying. They carry much about it but now I don't. Want to. Holes are saying here we have warned colleague gene is. Our screening through rate now. Yes who faces a good idea. So we'll starting in July in Atlanta and anyone else who has an opinion come out for a Ford juicy story. And young star already forewarned. The intention was leaning on you for advice this morning for. I do is control did it she got a message from her kids' stepmother. And stepmother once it fans the two girls from watching Disney movies because they portray evil stepmother is all the time. And moms like post appoint you think about satellite Cinderella Arab console. Molasses and and so did she make any sense. Overreaction and I'm trying to be sensitive to our mom stepped on relationship and why do I do pierce a 40426309. For a lot. Angela in Atlanta. 100% of greens in the step mom and the movies. Ads they're scared they're saying I agree would you object. Too so it looks at it like saint call 801 common. And don't want to have my mom and I think that's great debate don't let a lot of. I don't think it's necessarily write show things that. They kids get a hand like the Kindle feel like they're gonna end up scrum in the dishes and and singing this song. I. When I just think this subliminal message think it saints. Is that is how are several others are evil and don't streets. Daughters properly and less hair their biological daughter that this stepmother is the last man somehow. Let me again my daughters plus or yes that this that this stepmother that are. True reads this and children as less than like there's there's. And then there's queries are as jealousy going on there's a you know with snow lights eat that evil queen it she's like. Who's the fairest of them all and the mirror tells her that so why does is she so jealous that she has her ordered to be killed. Now how about a spoiler alert. It. I've read these stories every night. I'm candy instead mountain. I think he can't see either all they you're from Washington all but they're not go to look out and watch. Have to Libby is edit them. A little eight year old girl gone on to neighbor's door we might. Pay you. Let me just a Cinderella says yeah. I don't tell anybody just nothing good to get your thing is they're gonna have sleepovers. In the mid to hang out their friends who can who watches it could. And end this and this just tell me for a quick and he's got TV in the guest room I want somebody who does let's. We don't hang out there and thought in my own efforts bastards. Milan campus. Hey. Look at our way. The tanks are at what age until late at 8228 doll has her. You have got to have a bad lie. You are you got a good mom and that's got to be on your you know you'd done a lot. Or eight or eight. Isn't down to eight beyond. Says this as a really funny you also are so Smart. AJ and where do you stand on overreaction. I mean this is gonna sounds so logical but it. Tinny it's an opportunity to tap explained your kids between fiction and fantasy land vs real life that this is. That this is a fictional character this is the story is not a real life is really like mean. I don't know their little as their little imaginations. Are run wild especially my girls ages it's you know foreign CU and so. You can see how they would transpose that with what is reality that's neat. It's not seem to have a conversation and to be able to talk about what's real what's not let's pretend that's for real play time so it's overreaction. I think it is an overreact. And so for counting votes is stream over reaction. Only one person and me sided with the stat. And will. But I like as a feminist I also understand that side of that where you get disappointed that they characterize all these female characters as evil. And male male characters typically are the heroes that save the day so. It is I don't know until I was like I'm proud right now. How the conversation is entitlement that conversation he continues. Cash. I was agent continues it stays that we do and all the time and he's kind of debates and the air we can't come to resolution and then all day today instead of working in their face in that contest contention on the top it's just read the debate back. I'm really and then enroll in India items here for the comments and so why the people melt down on total stranger. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.