A Band of Nuns

Monday, April 24th

No really. Like, a band. Of real nuns.


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and these guys heard about the fans. Nuns. Legit bands sometimes they're sisters or rock fans yes. Drugs they're tremors a Dominican friar. And then there is. Think three or four nuns to sell the beginning of the joke sacked two nuns walk into a bar and they go and pick up guitars and they don't necessarily. And played church music like. The little video I saw they played unforgettable and what a wonderful world world. Just where your round routine now I think they're neared Washington DC but here's the best are. They had to band names. OK would you hazard to guess where the band name is no books. This. What event. I just thought of something else that I wanted to tell you guys. ATV in that. Hey there's nothing to do it now. It hasn't really good how you come up with your ear and new indie band name OK while the formula I doubt tell you this band name and then we'll do our Andy then okay. Their original group was called none of the above. Yeah yeah. And then they have morphed into force of habit a little about the and a I can't I go ahead Anderson already got. There's formula to come up with the coolest indie band name and it is combining your favorite fruit a guy with there reason. That the last time he took a painkiller. Would be so for instance. Mine would be. Banana infection. Have passed them. A gang counting my OB is Saleh Saturday night. Are just like strawberry over exactly on Saturday and I am now. Ten messages yeah. I JP. Pineapple need pain. And Mayan would be. Melissa Carter Tuesday. I get it. I've they're very good tennis so bad jokes this segment keypad have turned O'Sullivan worked today until then you can win. Now back to. One story nannies or wants.