A Bad Boss Christmas

Friday, December 15th

If you thought your boss was the WORST, would you still pitch in for an office gift for him?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole yeah well everybody in the office collecting money. To buy a gift for a co worker. For Christmas. That's nice. Does that tell hates the person that combined for. Welcome to the show how. High a how can we help you. Okay very well I don't need I need to helped found them unbiased people out of my out of hate that's operating wired car. Us underwear then. A small office they're not very many people say. The three dozen or so people and we have those on the team leader at six bodies are off. And our manager and years ago were he still works and what makes all of the worst the food and I've never known anyone and I could leak. The situation. Would reverse. He can't. And that. Gee I mean it like meeting every week and that didn't you are saying they get that it makes more worked for all of actually makes everything harder and Turbo opposite chipping and said that stupid like sparks seat saying he wants for Christmas I. Not really extensive gaming. King that he really wants. And everyone's giving an agent Matt and I don't want implicated. I don't like him I don't think we should encourages behavior by giving them something that he really wants them like they're that big jets don't change. And do you even know he likes them and that they all Gillick and have to look at BJ at you about. Who is out of congress is happy I act. I get my plea and opted etiquette question do I have to practice should we could. Well Mike the question my gut instinct is and I can even begin to guess what one of these Xbox I think he's costs that would. Three in a box being is that about right now what are they as everybody depiction. When he dollars twenty bucks. I it's it goes against what she believes she doesn't like this guy she thinks it's terrible bus she does dollar reward them with a gift and why should she how do. My initial thought was jazz. Is that I was doing the math if there's two or three dozen people on the office and is it it's when he about a person in. And now it's Tony Potts I guess I understands the moral question our phone number is 404. T 630941. If you would like to be one of the unbiased people giving Al all your opinion we would love to hear from you for a four. She's 630941. Is that it is a question what would you do go. And is the boss spying everybody in the office guests as he the only one getting it. Probably the only one getting it. I don't know is getting against he's not giving gifts everybody she feels obligated. I say don't do it the thing is you have a niece niches in the office. Who would sing the movie like this is Thomas except per. All. I can anybody tell that you didn't do. But when there be a group cards and they always passing arm around nearly tries a crowd there signature in the car in a pretend to be joyful. About him okay early and the data given to just pay your twenty about Jenna she cannot have warm wishes for him. So issues on all right formally issue and it's wishes for a beautiful holiday season no she doesn't want him to have a beautiful holiday season so we want all that I. The Dem in that maybe the road test and talking to amber at the time. It's so. I'd be guessing your vote then Jan is an am biased person would be for her to not print print as a stand by her. Counties. I yeah I don't think I can do it allergies play the game I'm same play the game throw the toy box and play. I mean should I all up like Iran's I would add. Really I would now come stubborn my and I would almost make it down like I didn't sign McCarty there. And got that I never and I mean I don't fire me memos and how Bryant president of the me. JP eight dormitory bias and somebody else and predatory Bucs might spot them. Well ain't just play is part of the game Christmas spirit you know donate the plane hit the game. Even grinch is needs and it costs. Being an alana yeah. Yield good. I went there and should not go away entailed an old they are bound. To. And again and William and a one dollar scratch up tea but a little token people. Tomorrow for our T 63094. Line. Star in 941. We are even on your opinion this morning at 40426309401. If you just jumping into the jet engine choke. We are talking to tell who does not want to throw in money. Fed the office is pulling together to give Abbas a really nice gift of for the holidays because she thinks the cost is terrible. Kind of like him makes everything harder work she does a lot of I'm against but is she obligated to because everybody's kitchen and. I'd Al we're about to pick up these phone calls ami was split down gender lines here in the studio. Eight killing she's in Jan both said do not give your hard earned money to a person you don't like JP and I are both like you know why don't make waves just do it. So as usual the guys trying to make everything okay how okay. Have you if you ask anyone about this in your real life now or is this are we the first people you talked about it. Yeah why I've asked. Family and friends and the do you lead are just a straight I'm getting tired so they figure on the money cheap and I bet. I don't I don't think that I would be actually a problem and I. Can't kind of OK wish that my about knowing that I I didn't get democratic. Oh okay it sounds like your minds already made up. I don't know can I don't want it could equally and that work but I just wish everyone else to get on board but they're convinced that they can't. Title and again these phone calls I will certainly that Jennifer in Gainesville she says absolutely 100%. Without a doubt. It gives him the money you do not want a standout Greg Jennifer. Now I say absolutely not did not get handed the money. Ice and Kenny no no no and I thank and I say I mean who cared about the cardinal beat that compare that they begged. It sure everybody except they'll. I mean because then you know me and I guess you're required to treat people with respect and trying it picture required to go above and behind end. Do you think for people like that that you just don't want. I'd jazzman and near and ended disagrees she says cough up the twenty dollars and sign that tired. Now I completely disagree I wouldn't I and my putting back yeah. Just out on somebody you actually care about. Exactly now while it doing elbowed their way bush. OK I tablets and a wind Errol 100%. It's only twenty dollars. Just pay it. Absolutely. Nice he's not reward a tie you are brewer Scottish behaviors. And it's not intimate court in Barney better. Okay all right I'm really not okay Ellison in tennis out. 210 dollar bills saying get hurt anybody put it in the imported in the pot right. No I'm good morning my opinion is actually want to see her office etiquette I believe and I don't think our. Ticking down is okay and how the environment but getting up I mean I granted it in particular way. The whole opposite doing it release but can look like you're looking for favorite Atlanta they're buying acres in the future I think now. Interesting theory. Finally. Brad in Norcross. Keys apps just caulk it up he's Smart like JP and I. Yeah absolutely you gotta play the game you do not ought the Maastricht art are Narnia. Now not ever find now. Are essentially these are very idea that you could tell land that's funny hours that you're gonna put towards Max Starks you put towards a worthy cause and his name. And many came came out at all odd ball ahead. Yeah. Problem. Solved Al did you hear that's. Arraignment a heads are so brilliant so just yes yes so all you can even buy your own cat some food. I don't even had a when it was you give me like hey I've I've put this sort embalmed very worthy cause and they're going to enjoy it over the holidays can. So. You guys nobody needs and know that it's tuna fish checkmate. And that they. It was odd my I think that is man. Sir I thank you Al things are college age you wrote things into my office etiquette always so. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.