Baby Name Regret: Listeners Give Us Their Stories

Friday, June 3rd


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I'm Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you. World war so. These 400 things to make. It's snowing now before we wind up. Talking about the baby names and having regret after you named your child. 34 and actually have big name acts and pledged as patient and our. Mario. Thank you for listening and backwards this morning which which it name. Oh my daughter. Ella EB. I want neighbor LA saying but it didn't name her pilots being beaten my current conflict at all on. My partner never dog bar. And I. Say you wish you would just gone with what you love. Yeah act and now I can lead to her middle name I have the second player corrected by our ally and I wish I would. How old is now. It should be you can change. And Hulu. Match. Yeah it's a royal hassle to me in. Such things changed names I mean. Liked him calling early. Huh. Al east is still beautiful. Are you did answer people aren't all that changed names and usual thing yes this can definitely need to change you've got maybe immigrants. My daughter actually. She's the one now and well and I have and I had chosen her name. And I he had actually Jack it. And I always loved that rule. All and we did really tell anyone about it we wanted to keep it secret at that didn't have a girl. And and when I was in the hospital a year ago. My mother Emma was in the ground. And let me look at the baby's name and that she said it this. Prominent. As is this to Amanda and. Common man out which way. And I I heard about that guy has and what is my girlfriend are there on time payment and and he wouldn't marry your relationship with her I know he went on I'm never knew her name and EL. And and you know the mother actually indicated that it's gonna eat one for him. And like a lot but it light and the one pick out a way. With that a bit of a shocker for me. You know my husband didn't say anything to me when I opposed the man that. Like a little bit at that we've gotten really that game. I did. So what did you change and mandate to. And that. And he'd go to any formal events with an Eva right did you run that these did you ask him if you ever dated and gave. Yeah. But he could actually elected as he felt really bad about and that situation and are telling me you know the full truth. Paraguay. The guy wouldn't bring that app and doesn't think. Significant love in his life. Oh yeah especially wouldn't think about it because she is the one who propose and change. Yeah Kaiser ignorant they really are Smart. Now guys are. For a thank you for the I don't. Take your way tie. You are making this is an edge fringe and she now wants peaceful and.