Baby Name Regret: How Did You Mess Up?

Friday, June 3rd


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And you are making this latest in a championship and Shia are always telling people what. Questioning whether are not used as the exact perfect name for your child. It's something that all parents here I've gone through it a little bit really our daughter's names that. It's big regrets. As little far but questions about your decision and everybody struggles. If this sounds familiar to you if you have second guessed. The name that you have given your child or maybe even changed it 4047419400. There's an article mean that is like today's parent magazine and what does. Parenting Magazine that came across that the newswires that says something like three out of four parents within the first year of their child's life. Have. A serious bout of regret and say we named it the wrong. What you goes so much to choose the kids. So I know for us we went through how what their nickname would be. Because you don't want to choose is beautiful long name whenever and then they get some snacking and became a grad so he gets nicknames and I have friends that actually printed it out. Does it look like on a present day. Get out here yeah a slight you know what this full name don't look like. My parents probably do that they did it without a McDonald's application. When the government appointments and wrote different and a and an active case at the Marleau forming. A lot of people want it to be easy to say an easy to spell because the school all prank and making sure that the teachers are always pronouncing it wrong. Or the doctor's office when they come out to call you back at the pediatrician you know announcing your kid's name Ron. I think he takes so much time in selecting what the name is going to be that. You just question did you make the right decisions on let me think about that you're naming his for the rest of their life it I felt tremendous pressure. Hey Suzanne and Hampton what do you got Jane you change and Amory that's. Thought you should change. Hey Suzanne. Out okay your child's you're tauzin was Israel. What. That would win out pregnant act out what I'm saying I'm a grandmother now I like and I. So he and Jack in Wal-Mart in that content he can't let it happen. So that's on earth. And it's and this is this is a child on an island Beagle. Do you regret this ordeal is Dick do you wish you'd done is are you find that the embody. And while we I'll call on Betty that I didn't tell me that his real name is the Israel. High. Cassie what do you for a I'm right on import job. And now you him. Yeah how many Arab. Yeah at key he makes it really get Manny he is very successful and they're out at one. Out ahead of his truck driver. I caring in Lawrenceville area. In treatment. Well I thought I about it being around everybody. A heart attack at a Maine at the air. And I are. Did you spend. TR OK everybody. Here are. Challenge. Is certainly TJ. I say he. It's he is an anticipated working to change how old is she now. I'd. I would channel their energy of the body. The end of the content Ashley and Logan though that. I. My name Connor. And you sit there and healing and a bar and it are you teach it and get out the error in the ER. All. By. Gold we bring them home electric. They all there on key here in L nine. I was gonna say I think you need to look indeed your kids' school more than anything else do you. If you wish to share in the like that view issued shares at a more universally spelled the name. All the they Connerly and our commitment caddie and him after John Connor on terminator. Yeah. Well look. I know uniter when freighter region you know it's easier what. BUDTY. What do I. Hey James in tennis out what he got. Eight yeah yeah much more about what they can kill a mockingbird thank you situated on at a local. And got out of the great name that we went round and round and round because bill English should make it less and that they at. Fanatic about it but monogram on how or insure that that. What does it all. Initially don't after a. What is she and Lindsay and name in hand. Well actually be cheaper that it will sit well off that elected out of anybody block. It like. They'll definitely. They adjust and change up. There's been getting the phone lines are lit up 4047419400. Baby's name regret you wanted changes its name we wanna hear about it. You are making this is an edge fringe and Shia on us evil and.