An Awkward Family Christmas

Wednesday, December 20th

Kelly's friend is about to walk into a very awkward Christmas...What awkward family moments are you about to have to deal with?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf all the now. Well let's see if he can be discount on board who's gonna have a more are odd workers missing Caylee cheeses friends who. Let's talk over the summer met each other will make out. Full summer flying and going on there and fast forward they found out their cousins and now have to see each other. Over the holiday season and I carried she's chosen are your quote friend and only from real small town and I am. I'll be all cause. So our early heroes like hang out of the lake where a bunch of different friends are groups of friends at all Canada become one big group over the years. Aimee I hook up your votes in Paris hanging around you meet new people all the time and my girlfriend met this really cute guy is. Awesome his hairdresser is really cute and the they ended up in Canada and I kind of a heads up and how far hooked up like that that does it ever has different avenues I don't and I hooked ever but they hooked up exactly so they. She is tell us about it like we we knew we saw happening on that day we knew it's gonna happen. And that Nancy showing a picture I guess like a couple weeks later to a mom and lose a sigh okay I meant the Israeli cute guy and he screaming running in her almost like. They what's his name she's chosen as FaceBook and she's like. The answer because it. And that's you. Oh are off. Yeah is so huge she immediately throw up. Well of course like she goes in the now weird meddle where you know like you don't telling that it happened so suddenly this guy the issue is all talk and out she was talking anymore. Or like must contact you or is it and then she cannot counted herself doesn't like. Now. Down now home and holiday time and that. He's what's funny is like they never really known each other because I guess it's on the downside of the family and the data and I guess it's like Brothers not so. So mama better divorce the guy and show them and that is why hasn't talks and that had a family along time and out of a cannery can mold over like the holidays like Thanksgiving time. Announced Christmas. And on the the other guy. And see like the. Yeah. And he now by now he knows to re urges he just think this girl Blue Mosque and he's going to be surprised at failing Christmas dinner. I'm not sure I'm ever for the white elephant here. He's got hot early November that this summer and he's going to be like what. I Eleanor hill find out the actress she got a good idea Obama something and drug dosage down. They are gonna walk on May ninth. Why are you year. No well actually we're related unease or not learn how to challenge there were posing is there anyone who's gonna have a more awkward Christmas. Then Kelly's friends. This is is you popcorn now lord now. So so awkward. Seizures are you I'm sure. 4042630941. Of even come close to that story. Love to I mean I guess some comfort in numbers to Cali I mean it hasn't. France 2000. And on my clothes I don't care what a night when of your friends via for a 46 an area so don't own nine world. But you can beat. I have kissed your own cousin enough to be any awkward situation that you're facing over the holiday it's totally we just talk about it. Have you you've got to we have via Danny then there's this weird and I got to share cheese ball. That's right arrow for its music Syria 0941. Totally unrelated by kind of because I sent a white T mobile's only serve to Christmas. There aren't so good he's Bosnian Serb all the times embryonic handle the cheese ball berth and the write that down. And she I'll star. Don't forget numbers and away wanna find out Europe awkward Christmas situation Kelly she's just told us about her friends. Food looked over the summer. Then in the last couple months figured out that their cousins and then now they got to see each other I Christmas 4042639401. Is our number. I'm Vegas might that be going in the Christmas direction is may be going in just twisted family treat her. TV big trips to family tree direction can I Amy Mary and a. Hi welcome to this. Thank you. My daughter had an owner pat and actually usually had a half Brothers. And she went she was talking to the soberly. And got Baird's team managers and she went through to a ballgame and her dad happened to be at the football game. Pension adding that are turning out and she found out that the little boy that sure that they are we actually her half brother. Some divine intervention at football games. I'm definitely wow hula today do they keep dating. The battle you know actually her bag who heard it tell him and he kept trying to talk to our. It's a cat can't go you know and and finally she told a debt and a particular Brothers are. These. I'll timber lane Carter's. They turn show. My son since there. I don't know what about a cup or right hand yep. And yeah I have another picture news a couple of years older so kind and she ended detonate near me aren't you and I have one here. So your sister Mary juror other sister's ex husband. Actual oh and now everybody's gonna be the other Christmas. Loeb Kimberly what is that like trio. Very awkward. I don't wanna get into the pressure and Elaine I. There's like there's like and mom and stuff happening is that. I yeah I really ought to continue. So confusing I they have kids together before they got the horse. I had done it so other cousins and siblings and send links. In other towns. Not that I had parades. I have somebody is spending Christmas. Pesos she will is married to a man. For many years they had children together. And then at the man decided that. He. Wanted to date somebody else but he didn't bother with the divorce thing first he just started dating the other person who. And so. Zain it when I everything came out in the open. The marriage ended so Christmas this year will be my friend and her new boyfriend. And his children. OK also in attendance will be her ex husband in the kids that she had we have him OK and also in attendance will be her ex husband's. Girlfriend's fiance now. Who is the woman who broke up her heritage. Along and she's gonna put it all aside. Should try. So that the kids can all have Christmas together. They're ranked. Jerry Jerry. Is the Brady Bunch right acting talent. And we. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.