Awesomely Awkward Part 2

Thursday, October 13th


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In case you haven't heard it today we look down. No I noticed colonies on enhancing discovery of. The championship show star and 84 or where bragging about being awkward. Jeff and there's nobody more awkward than him that we might all proved him wrong here pretty Geneen is in studio. And you get a hobby yeah. And you could call it that. The way JP plays volleyball yeah yeah they'll be every Tuesday and Thursday. You mean as awkward like a. I don't pay attention to how I come off to other people and. And I'm really oblivious to it and sometimes it just hits me like oh how people probably think this is really weird that. So well. Starbucks about a mile down the street from mean an island in Cumberland partly it's because they were injured people drive on all the people all the time and sometimes. I can convince myself exercise and gone a mile walk. By Thomas and start a campaign and normally I'll bring my phone and headphones and it was a monologue analysts and music will be fun. And sometimes it's a little weird but like little Kansas. But this time I was like and the Beason and pick a lot and you alone with my. And I'm not practiced in this art. So I have locking down the street and all this thing you know neighboring district and argument. Are getting into important things and then I just realized about ten minutes into the swapped. I am. Like very emotionally talking out loud to myself with all the facial expressions and hand motions and I'll incomes now. Talking annually and completely alone and even a pet food to make it look like and singing and music. And I've been doing this for like ten minutes on a busy road and on this. This late. It's not even muttering like I am I acting like and talking to someone completely emotionally and a light clothes so many people have seen it yet I got crazy. You know somebody said the sentence you the person they were on the phone. Ohman got there is 83. I wonder if that's what it looks like when you do Mac. You think Chris Cook a and did you think she knows she's crazy and it it comes in from. Hi Bonnie welcome to the jet engine engine. Hey guys barrel on an imminent so I was out our. Watching apartment and my aunt and friend. Can't eat it or are looking back talking to him it dollar cool. And I don't know why do then I and he urged the glass and meet people. Payment and payments I don't know I bet a dollar and you look at me like I was at. And ahead. You thank you being awkward that's me being yeah that's shocked every time examining those. And I. I'm market. Art and Kelly or act aren't that checkout counter act that only either. I am and as Google. Will. Need to do. Oh yeah my great. Anyway. I Nicole welcome to dish out. I am and are currently comebacks. Thank you nick are and her screening in making any eight or 88 something really. 180. Heart really I mean and they're eating out like it was my. Ali and take it and it it neither. Nobody likes you I. Pretty. Definitely got their inning next error be taking part are I. Currently seeking take it back in their. Us. Nobody laid out like yeah that's actually the perfect comeback for any yankees. Our telephone numbers for 0474 line 9400. Giving your chance to celebrate. Awesome. Lindsay welcomed addition out. I am I haven't really bad wind tunnel at our great armed air won't buy it. Our ball I am and do my yearly and talent to win which in itself with Ali I cleared. I is now so I'm. We know that not saying that he lets little world that they can't be out. And usually it at little down on April oh what are you like our managed it and and fortunately. It was. And I went to step up sable. And there was no that I want you didn't know if I hurt myself. Eighths. I thought at a football. Ha and I Greta and I was there anyone in the room or did you hear crash. The rim and commit you know you look at that. Any owners let in the grounds. That the lord thank you and then they. All the game and I don't whine about all hot and all the dying young like. You know what I'm Lindsay I'm sure it doesn't mean it was good I'm tempted the enemy to feel good about it. And nobody likes of. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.