Awesomely Awkward: Lingerie Edition Part 2

Thursday, February 16th

Hands down the funniest Awesomely Awkward we've ever done. 

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And jumpstart. It before one. Leave gore moments are awesome that Emily and Madonna can start off this round. And any. How were you possibly awkward in lingerie. I'm sure Africa did Andre can. There are 888. Because that would column we are going DUI I had held it like hearts eight. Now hot add. And I don't comrade. He adds. I went out but this beta and it exactly and at it'll split collar around her dad and I have really long. Get the black hair and Elaine. And EU. Now like you know that action is now nice. I did it my iron on I job. I handled. Like it triple I and the hot. Did you add a united front but didn't do it and you know after that it was just over a haven't buried at the planet my hair. Yeah it's it's hard to you have grown up sexy time with the smell of burnt human errors there. All I know how realistic since Monday it is. Don't think LA as a mom mom and her commitment and it would. Way to keep Gaza Leon I'm about one hey Heather in Dallas welcome you also lead awkward it still lingerie edition and I. And eight. I got out and lingerie well. Pregnant. Gave we all Obama but yeah I would again at seven to eight months pregnant. And trying to beyond that these are my boyfriend and like a little baby doll outfit that I didn't want it aren't like I can be a candidate that. Whatever I don't now. Yes I did ion and I'm like yeah it is great isn't great at rock. And to be in the air go and you get to pick I'll get that my good. And and again do you know consideration that they have got. Huge. Fans knew they weren't. And I hit it maybe a little. And I that I and I'm like I'm a RD gain. All right I'm by this. We had a little still. Had to look away. And it's a little. And NI NG didn't help we finally get not to get it he mixes it up and it didn't really like him pushing on top of mind is a kind of old outfit. And once we get it off I was like that they didn't. Got a hundred it's giving our didn't notice me now. In the united thank you is a great nearly. Visual of that is like against Steinfeld made a porn film stuff I don't know I just Jason Alexander. Like trying to push an airbag back in this new real yeah. As I talked to Maria Indiana. Katie. Blackberry bridge. Are paying the awkwardly on dream comment. Iron eight spent the years. I look around and wait and and I hit it well I hired but I got to look at and up there it. But I airplay it. You know that through how it handled. I went everywhere in the late brand and I got an ample underwear. And put on board he got there and that I. Little seen and our entire. Eat at a little bit longer than expectant and the edible underwear and that Mel yeah. There and I haven't even I didn't I. Only get out. Literally a keynote. Ground might get it. I. We're just trying to get it off the like he's trying to beat back that oh. About it there was a waves but he had a day in that haven't yet like alcohol and. Red light game where an actual runner. Guys this needs. It was a paralytic sane thinking not clearly she's. Fruit roll have been a hot car on a list. Order variety lane to violate Britain's fifth Oscar grant thank you Maria. Thought he. That's idiots have when it's out. Thinkers at made yet or that. Yeah. I as hard as part of a radio bad my constantly opera because he's kind of tie in together. Miles from the awkward involves I think at some point in high school or maybe. College I don't know what was it I did not know that it was an option for bras to hold in the front with this. So I mean I'm target and whole lying lying twit is staying in it was. She's like I think I'm injured if you. With this her and the reason that IE and we did I think I told that. Story on road show and I and well. It was because of that awkward moment you know the class was in the front you made it yours. Mission to become really good and snapping president now was your bragging rights as you could. But then after one failed and did then get it right in two seconds flat right and hounded dignity get to rock and isn't de LI. I still got it it's and it's basically snap your fingers fabric and that your class to do online pass kids do YouTube tutorial. Age and just sit quietly and think about the time now and I just inch. Think next things. I have a special memory honest. You hear you thinking about it yeah. Can you also give me gagging. And have you back here shares. Suffered a fingers on the class. Innocent.