Awesomely Awkward: Lingerie Edition Part 1

Thursday, February 16th

Hands down the funniest Awesomely Awkward we've ever done. 


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. Are awesome we awkward and hi how do you explain. A lovely as it is this we should celebrate the awkward moments in life and if it's just fun and it takes the awkwardness out of it. Taxing just talk about it. We. It's true done like different categories. And today though in honor of Valentine's Day. We're gonna do a strictly a what are your top spot lingerie. Addition because you always try on Valentine's Day that. Take it up a notch and that's department chart you wanna be legs CSX the ought to be some super into maids. In a tangled. Or stuck. Actually immigrants that yeah or sweaty CEO. Are stuck and sliding and occasion and schism in Iowa and that's got beat George usually a five problems. Eyes just as it's posted or that your past they're just like group excuse me. The hazing happens right ladies and clearly cannot. I here's our front emerged for a 42630941. The name of the segment awesome we awkward and it is no lingerie addition. I can actually start things off. But it's gonna speak he would get go back in time in a decent I'm trying to OK let's time travel because one thing I do know about test. Is that he's good taking browser off. We'll tell them I don't have from personal experience until it was on the radio gap and we'll tell that story here it is OK to hit. I hit I have Teague engines from. All the way. Okay let's just be clear we have always just been friends for over a word he liked my brother today. Your brother the senior but. To get under bronco. Through our relationship. Juli welcome they show that. Hello hey what happened. It totally got stuck in my love airliner days. I learned today he's. Say this happened yesterday yesterday yesterday on now OK so can you describe what looks like without being tune. You know you win. Of like eleven of course that kind of thing with a little scary but many scared and that's the problem admitting they're in a while. Managers I met imagining because. Think you just get a little sweat me and then yours yours at a case it is more sticky than it was this. I mean I couldn't get off my boyfriend can get it. He didn't know what they do it takes about thirty minutes. You know I didn't opt. It's basically someone had to cut themselves out of 1000 McGuire yeah but we like it well. Yeah. I. Think the jury do you wanna tell our her story also order. I mean that happened like three years ago and that she basically or that they are being sort of it's a little bit. My iron. Risque can come and go with a little bit higher here Americans you decided to get aside smaller because she thought it would make her look straight year again. I really nervous and yet so basically she got what he met her problem was heard what though one. They had to get that they did this stay. Oh. I don't can't even imagine. Bootleg. I imagine playing Auckland yeah it's it's the bedroom equivalent of trying to open a children's toy you know it's wrapped up an ad pact. On packaging Unionists stab at it you've completely cut yourself to play really need stitches Sony don't wanna use it after. Possibly opera and a lingerie addition jasmine welcome to this now. I. Now I have a funny line so my husband bought me a lingerie. For Valentine's Day and it had feathers on it which I'm actually allergic killed. No and so did you pick your like updating the band and I. But they need and really I wouldn't being sent out to China threatens. Though it was pretty bad Betty eight he'd like it's. Yeah I thank you jasmine like this be so hot if I could just stop it's if it's exactly what I think it's so bad got I would feel a bit. Got a according borrow alert 2630941. Dancer on number it's lingerie addition to. Possibly Auburn this. And she I'll still are far.