Awesomely Awkward: Clam Compliments

Wednesday, February 7th

Naming this segment was akward enough, but Kelly's hilariously awkward encounter with her waxing technician started a whole slew of calls about awkwardly, uh, personal compliments. 

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Star in 941. Right now. We're talk compliments and we're turning now compliments. That are directed to the downstairs. Of women. I up. Because. We we're talking Nam a couple of days ago with Kelly chase who just got a really great compliment each yeah made you feel some kind of way right the whole situation. You know mainly. Feel more awkward than I've felt in a very very long time. A little vulnerable situation I was sag getting a show an error lacks. And Miami. Massa is I have big ball sugar in it an engine almost like rolls on use exactly the hair off instead of like they're ripping exactly. How he put like that gen and I'm just Clint Chevrolet announced but and I just as it better for years and I think so I caution relaxing in its shouldering the and it still hurts yet and you're still on the same vulnerable position where you're like playing on the table let Jeff. I'm just listened and he looked like your round a bar should end result horrifying meg yeah. I thought of somebody rolling lights like basically lint rolling the pew distance now found no. After I. How are trying. A lot of those drop out of have you have half of your clothes on sale yep moot. Yeah yeah Pappas still fun and it's like a doctor's office bad but it's comfortable almost like going home Tempur-Pedic into canonized as they trick you into thinking it's gonna be comfortable and and then Muir and an ever living. They're rare and urged that doesn't matter what they say innards. And yes Amon you know they ask you like. Blame your leg of the send away and the lady kinda looked at me not let me and my eyes the look to me each and if you're like oh wow and you are a little closer. Is it says a ball of hot show Lerner hand and I'm like what the hell lady out like a Hillary doing and Seattle closer and she has. This really night. And I like what is she talking Matthew's shoes target the trees are mentored nearly admits she got so close to oust seek it against me. How is this just. This is weird when I say get closely she's down man down layer in Nantes with and I she's just playing at the geography. Yeah and laugh. He is so pretty and she got closer to gut what all law. And then Shiite I don't know how far can get your next. You know like everybody's. You know hair is different and she was as all bowel com Manning. Everything and do you have like attached to hair is it sure is looking animal like jewelry or any no dosage just speak a key chain where you got. And a brownies less. Tattoos there may resist complementing attacked a little wind at Taba. Here's the thing when you go and you do the show entering or any temple black saying it. They make you wait you know and it like you to come back every 46 weeks because in its supposedly not as painful hi waited like two months and she's like rats into my spring you got to hit. And duplicate MMI guess. As I grow good down the I don't talk. Can't really know what to say right now yeah Leno weird position so what used literally it you say that you say thank you and you say thanks. Well I'm Marty nervous. You know and that in the apple and I'm guessing if you're in that line of work flattery is a good thing to kind of flight reduce. Uncomfortable moments of the position yeah I let me say sending optimism grows the game down their gun won't. Cannot say anything else and infuses. Not op board does yeah because I've had one during a spray tan. And that's when your tests. All out all all there when they say. Let's she just had nice things is a like what it quite and you know they're spraying an although I every attorney guy out everything you I'm now. It's like you're pretty. But I thought. But is funny and like I. You said Europe for bank. Dog and in general I'm a pair afraid is because we'll have left our jobs are right now but just fill in the blanks. I need to use everything that you're ready like yeah that's pretty neatly yes. She said that's pretty yeah referring to that yeah I imagine she would have gotten closer. RO pushed the sixth area code 9041. If you've got. Bragging rights we love to hear this. Compliments he received. And she I'll star. Dragging raids on your Brasilia our spray tan admiration. From shivering praise we want to know if you've experienced it shoot for a score 26309. Of one. Is our number RE HL game in Atlanta. Welcome to the show. You know. Now and now aren't you know oh my god no one embryonic I figured I wouldn't let anybody in that kind of dynasty that hurts to hear it. It awkward Scarlett I don't want him going in my OBU Miami I was never played somebody telling you that kind of pain can intimate. Awkwardness just we hurt. No just. So it's like. It's let's kept me away from doing more or. Treatments like that weather's like waxing sugar hair whether it's going to be sprayed him it's never easy just know we like okay. Eminent reveal myself to become. Lead in total stranger lol it's weird is also and now I I love the show. And I thought oh my list in June shadow. While your stir our own man hassle. Our sky in scenario welcome to the show and. So the first time I went to bed OBG I and I was nervous that I'll get out and the woman gets damaged like how you spoke out here. Let me let people o'clock AM. And slightly well I I've a question like do you brush up did that when you go to the dentist I'm. Yeah I am ignore the data as you view brushing teeth like 234 times like. We have players like landscape that we ask just clean. I think yeah I think everybody yeah and I think if you don't you're listening and maybe you should. Amy and Marietta welcome to the child's. I ain't. No I wouldn't 88 you'd be out here I have an eight and seek comment bit. I I don't really want a candidate I think you went appeared being agreed with her. I. Girl Australian appears. Yes that's everything about that some phone call made me giggle. I made every where everything about that is being called puck dropped on the merits she got she got a five star review on her. You. And Devin looking I use so concerned and also present. Staff any yeah welcome to the Jeff and and channel. All my god relate to and comfortable there even began it do you opponent without. Shell I had that guy now. And I'm in the stamps. Bullying like out there. You can the doctor. Until like distance is almost too much even try and like he. Told me that I am pleading his nephew that he acknowledged that like I'm eating at you and now it's time. And then you take. Yeah I didn't know that I didn't realize they hurt you know connected and Ben Natalee into thinking that went in Europe he sent to me. Yeah he has not gotten that far yet. He's in for a treat. Now tomorrow and my heart. The opening. Today at night you know can't just I have never. Heatley. Did you Bryant net so fast and that all this what did you do you. I don't write I don't. Legged deer in the headlight look so. Darn. And I was so look awkward and vulnerable I just. To come back slowed down and I am never going back there again with. Actually I don't even now is out. Now are are you still beating his nephew since. Now look at that had a lot of pain but that was not connected but yeah I. Was wondering if he ever said his nephew might hang. I cited her own animal apparently ended up be not yet but starship uncle weird because I. Little weird out. Yeah cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.