Awesomely Awkard Part 1

Wednesday, October 12th


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I am glad. Did you think she ending issue in this morning and eighty for a lot. Wednesday morning time at the judgment and when I miss that Wednesday morning and they did and I posted something on FaceBook. Last week after doing a segment and the great. People challenge me. It is in no way. View are more awkward. Than I. Because I told this story last week. Letting might I have a few dogs and obviously coming to work very early in the morning. When I'd taken for walks in the morning nobody else and then in the neighborhood nobody. So I took CD when my dogs for a walk early in the morning and she went numbers you. I'm a in a neighbor's yard. And I didn't have any bags. Because I in the Jews and I took her back and arrows I got a bank. On back to the neighbor's yard using the late from my own. Found her hoop and pick it up even my response. Artists and ninth on both I and also I mean. It's not like they're they're big giant. Yards and living at home you know everybody's artists like small intimate and one pilot who proportionately. Percent wide alert. So. I feel all warm as I mean at it. So go with your dog at. So odd this person who I don't know its neighbor. My garage door open and and they're walking outside and there are saying time. IA and picking up the poop. It's in the yard. In the area that all ideas night showed them like the bag. And cleaning up orient you know cleaned up attic. And I walked back my house and I got virtually all the way back. And realize that dog. So for all this person knows is that I woke up war 30 in the morning. The walk over to their house and pick up some random dog. Bring him back to mind. That's all that that's that's I'm desperate living and you don't know it. And of it and it's just go about it dog so I'd post time. They. Come come back. Against and awkward because he went. I went back to explain it and knocking on the wrong war. Neighbors while holding dog poop with no doubt at 4:30 in the morning. Anyway I posted thanks for me to meet a whole story. I posted on FaceBook varies and nobody more awkward and and couple hours later I campaign. I just want. Everybody is key as awkward. Stories if so I will challenge. If you paint you're the most awkward person listening to this rate now go ahead and share your. Or a one and 400 if you like to share I might you might have a story might be more awkward. But I think I'm more consistent. And I told us the other night IU was back when I was single I was. You know texting several different people. And one girl invited me over. And say you know do you want. You do you want it come over. And told me where she wise. And then I responded to a I might do that. You are not that far. By I typed quickly and I wrote I might do that. You're not that act. If she's at home. Yeah. He thought. I'd love to be with you. In. Its. All time ago. And here Brooke. It. And any anything. That might old dating her own what he's saying well all I my erratic you. While. Offered there's nobody Morocco Mauritania. At a very this year but at no way. Camp meanwhile Indonesia. Maybe sell a few years ago I would credit union bad implied that my end I'm they had that it'll say that I am I seeing. I didn't panic and make sure the door early properly buried in the king bed. And I get out of the king bed nude and I didn't expecting my hand in the near. I don't mean to my right at the door wide as it's not all of the crowd was older. Yeah. Oh. You ever go back to that GM and her now I didn't I know you are elated about I minute on my in the end. Like nobody's and a tribal for a longer than forty minutes they'll all be gone. Hope except for one curvy little guy who got a guesswork out of his entire life. But I did it got a baby I wanna third wave to everybody I mean hey at. I haven't really not my bag technology and needed a good look at. You shouldn't just close the door and started yelling match. Out of out of the room and I just. I had their. Yeah right welcome to the Jeff and there. You know my story about adopt. I my I had we rescued several Dodd well look there now immediately called a shudder. And that they like to. To pick out of our backyard a lot though. Early 1 morning are coming here then making a commissioned. I don't doubt that term about travel and out the front yard and I see her go down the street a couple of houses. That are down there and certainly Paramount didn't. Intel let. She hit behind the persons that there. Right place it right in front of the mountain. Duncan didn't end that I play and sanctions actually undercut man and a and a house in America right now at the bathroom break. And of that area and eat out that you look at me he can't get it all out. And they get back quietly back and that it now and then hooking it a little while later. How. I know it's. And shell still are forward.