An Awesome Update on Sweet Baby Reese

Thursday, November 17th


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The engine shop. I coming out interest to affect him we're gonna get caught up. We gave Chad he as the guy that was on this yesterday. And we went to bat for. War we gave him permission. To propose to his girlfriend onstage. At her upcoming jingle jam concert. Are we at Disney cruise that worry that you are going to text the word add to venture. To 51539. That's adventure. To 51539. By some 15 this morning for your chance to win at Disney cruise vacation. And stunning 41. I Chad is coming out in just a second bites. Any you know boundaries I got your message yesterday a good a good doctor appointment. Yes yesterday we read children's healthcare of Atlanta and Reese did a clinic visit. Which for any of you who are. Familiar with the cancer battle cancer journey up to always check your blood counts. And that's whether your child going to matter whether you're an adult so. That's what we did yesterday and her counsel great urgency now I have a little bit of experience and grant has a little bit of experience with as we knew it was going to be because she's feeling good she still had an appetite. When she was really sick last time I needed a blood transfusion she was really able. On she's pale right now she's not as ghostly. As she was before. You can just tell where you just feel where your kid is there a process and the we have to date for surgery on to remove her tumor. And really excited about that impact Jeff I'm keeping my ringer on politics I am expecting a call from insurgents so if in the middle of the show my telephone rings I doubt it's on purpose that my ringer is on Saturday and uses tactic we continue with whatever it is we're doing it out of step and out of that car. What we joke about this because. It for whatever reason. Doctors. Are allowed to like just close down for lunch early ninety minutes for lunch and if you miss a phone call from them you end up in this. Weird to you back and forth back and forth and reading math and you get lost and phone trees and voicemails and south for quite a while so. That would make all it's like ants on the half and it's his aides read to register of Americans like the only business in the world where they don't leave somebody. Everybody here at the radio station on. Well we saw a familiar and my honor to me and like you and you can actually. Hello mister dollar of these is that donors in the result of your. Ex amnesty by literally yes or seconds later. Closed for laughter from 10 AM to three. These leave them. Then you leave a message in a late 330 eulogy at Friday I. Hit a are you talked four seconds ago let me call back. The office is closed friendly blunt and three fifths. He if it's if your if your message is received after three. Out every thing. Oh yeah and you answer. So it's it's better to tweetering around answered now. I keep hearing you but I am here where a gimme one minute. McNabb yeah. We are really really encouraged yesterday by the visit with her oncologist she's doing great. Accounts are arguing rate. And and we've got a date for surgery so all of that is good and I would tell you is that of a really emotional day and some. Now I don't know how how the grinch didn't tank. But as soon as we were down with lab work and got it in for surgery in concede the finish line in sight right now we're like. Yeah is seen as well cancer treatment Christmas and we get in the car and rates of flattens fights on that's awesome. Her little voice and like I can small boat on the ocean I was just. Tears just streaming down my face as relief. That's awesome she's a fighter you know and yeah. Well now. That's cool and later the panels that much brighter and sign as is incite and where so incursions is so great also present in yesterday's line if you left in this case that you also made me crack that path out of it and surgeries Jake that had. And I have you said asserted interest rate after Thanksgiving Day to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family yes and we. In league coming in from all of the plays in big. Because it's charts and then. An awesome. Keep its current. Grant it but it's it's it's it's yours happy years half of me wants the culture and hold and and make it. I have to meet and that rule. But have to meet. And wait. For reef and tell you I don't know how Heather has that timing yesterday but. Seriously it was as soon as we got in the car and we arrived in separate cars so I called my husband. And unlike. Listening to start he's like I was just on business and only one may not what can you. And like all right. And the economy. We are both so much about it as is and and an attorney and and it's it's not an easy. It isn't there a bunch messages yesterday same night and you get up and under the radio and and still like laugh and joke around and everything this is my escape from like I don't. Talk about every day they don't brings him down I don't going to be sad every day I wanna share the good news and I share the hope. It doesn't mean hasn't been a hard journey for our family. I think coming here every day is uplifting I love coming black I love coming to ghost hunting and right I mean do you where's this relationship going and things that are are able to take my mind off bad Antony. I hope if anybody comes a wave from our experiences that. Used to put one foot in front of the other no matter what you're doing every day don't give up don't cave to the hard thing you're going through. You know stayed positive. Keep the light stage. Folks to prayer whoever it is he prayed to focus on the positive and that's what comes back to you in life so. Your friends ask you how you're doing sometimes it's hard not to dive into complaining or dive into the hearts effort I've into the deep dark eight. That focus on the happy and focus on the positive and that and the light and that good things and that's what will come back to. No matter what it is no matter like what your face out that's. Soapbox. And those great Connecticut. And I'm at peace in late in an even greater. Call. I. It does not. Let me know. As soon. To tell us name. I. It didn't make it's no. Yeah. This is my. Oh. The. I'm saying since it. Event. My. You know. And spending and your mom. Let's count was saying. They just and don't you know. Can make Canucks and just as much. It's still. I knew. Mean. They Jesse James shells. On starring on before one little something there for Reese. Leavitt Leavitt look you just heard from has been waterworks that. Hey Bonnie welcome. Jet engines now. Heidi how are you to say it again. I Jack and I can hundred. I'm honored crimes that they cute shirt thirteen opening morning I've got a twenty my daughter and you know that we are going through that I've. I got back after years in Europe or. Here. Just resonated apparently a little. And I try to keep positive throughout a whole year my uncles is. And I think that he does need to hear that morning again that they went and took it upon as a. We downgrade your doing great once and for and the other just keep government. So it's got its respect thinking amongst everything you got to let it thinking out. The Netherlands and Hakim and I terror log into the shaft. Eight I didn't really wanted to say thank you to Dan because. This morning I was having art science. I've become a single mom Ly six months. Out of the blue and it's literally continent and they'd write it on the face there and give up and. Again this morning I kind of radio and I hear and play and how positive it China be and they remind me that there's light at the end it's terrible and the the title and then December might have yet to come home and we get him again and I that's really one they think it can err I mean because of that. You can do you can do anything you're going through its focus on the positive. As always he always a shred you can focus your energy. You guys are back -- health because you guys make neat to have my day hot and so I really appreciate it either on the say thank introductory. Thank you so much. And 8000 banks there and picnic there. Which he's running Dennis self self arrest and all over its yeah. Straight come overlooks. The Justin.