Atlanta Braves Gender Reveal Winner

Thursday, June 2nd


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Thank you for making this list. Today Jeffrey Jones Shia on installing 94 law. Yeah. Chelsea Freeman on hold she is the wife of Atlanta Braves Freddie Freeman and we're going to be talking to her about that video. That may shot a few months ago they ended up going five world it was Chelsea tossing a fake baseball team Friday and then when Freddie. An explosion. Blew out there and developed both of them. And that revealed that they're handing. A son I believe it's due in the middle of September so. That video. Went viral with sports fans and expectant parents and an even that turned into a side business effort Chelsea's family because now they make those. Eight baseball that are bloating they solve the Athlete's Foot in baseball's with the would would now powder inside the blue or the pink. Pink powder and it's just a really really really great idea. And Jennifer reveals are so huge right now is trying to do to announce the gender of your baby and to capture the surprise so. I was talk with Chelsea about it. And we heard you know taught him how cool there's wasn't she that would be cool to do this for so I'm braves thing when is equal to do for another couple all. So we are really do is jumping exhibits at the week before Tuesday. So how has come up wit the idea for your baby gender beyond. About six months before I got my man my girlfriend. Thought the idea means that every pregnant Mexican if you ran up and let let that you have to do it like that. Did you go out being athletic or use sporting. Actually like pebble technically it soccer and said that. I've high school and it. It gives you tossed the ball to Friday there's a lot of pressure because if that follow shore earth terrible dates. You ruin the entire thing I'm. Little word I would their calendars about it yeah. I mean I haven't kept practicing the pop him he'd tell me where it throw it. At our he would support. And how are you feel you are pretty am about halfway through pregnancy now right. When we. And you can't get there are. Not. Available. Yet the boy. Of course it's. Against Russia. And I I had. And there. Are more European. And there. That on it's accurate this is still yes and word play and I'm out. Every. Where. Do you seek. Now I I thought right I'm 108. And at the end. Thank you referred sharing your. Gender revealed weighed the jet's engine show audience we had a ton of people colony in and right now and saying hey Alan be a part of that. Big braves fans big baseball fans big Freddie fans who all won a share and in the magic of what you guys and. Your video went so viral everybody knew exactly what we were talking about their. Heads out. That it is just for fun. That around it. We selected the couple and EU arrogant tellem that there that we. My ankle. A day that we need him on the phone. At. And Chelsea his name is Jake snow will pick a marbles say hello to him and then adrenaline Judy Chu and and what's Jim West jinx wife's name at the cheek and have a oh. I eat it. Canada are on it Jay and me our friend sells for. Ariel. On the edgy and gases is too wide channels in my become news this one. I assume that when they handed it back that we are expecting a baby and down the generic. No she just wanted to say hi this yeah. Yet and yet that our winner. At the center real competition. That is awesome career or. The big raise Angie you are sadly we both. On that bigger. You are going to be standing and Turner Field. You're gonna have Major League ball players probably. Half circle around you got you. As anti. Tosses a ball to you and and when he's striking you'll find editor and a boy. How many matches or for that and then. Not at the pressures and if you miss once he's probably just Tehran pretender. I say thank you are friends of the Atlanta Braves eleven Chelsea. And Jamie this happens and you guys were just yet. Fussing about it and that's. A special moment right before father's they're really excited for Jay gets Abby gets he. Baseballs ready you know we'll find out they have and a boy or girl and becoming a dozen fund today. Yeah.