Atlanta Braves Gender Reveal

Monday, May 23rd


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She now. Or one. So I was talking to my new friend Chelsea Friedman you know champions being. It is very famous Atlanta Braves player Freddie Freeman. Got it and it they had the most ticket gender reveal ever for their babies such a cool idea they're video went viral everywhere basically it's Chelsea. Tossing a baseball to Freddie and he hits it and then it goes poof. And then. It's either pink or its balloon. It was bullet. It was moved us every now what she just everywhere he wrote him ms. is that something you can. I hear they have to have a meter was that water balloon actually her brother made it's special for them okay and so now her brother actually has a little shop where their shell this selling games. It's a baseball proof of that but really it's what it's called it's gonna Etsy shop for where we can over to it. The are faced with okay so if you wanna go check it out but even better than Matt even better than just getting the proof for your own reveal. Chelsea and Freddie wanna help PO with your baby's gender reveals we're looking for a very specific couple. Because you your baby's gender really early now when I was having when I was having. Lauren are old list you know wait till twenty weeks he had to do the ultrasound to see it now he can do a blood test at twelve weeks a lot of people are announcing that they're expecting and either gender at the exact same time. So we're looking for are really. Specific couple and if this is you are this is someone you know definitely reach out to us listener who you are we're looking for a couple who is expecting a baby. Does not yet know the gender and would like to reveal that gender out of braves game with Chelsea and track. So Freddie Freeman will help you find out whether your baby's a boy or girl yet this same way he found out exactly. At a price that's Haas and really clearly a ball around them around father's dad that mantown I'm bothers it totally did you rate before Reid afterward yep. We're gonna do at the game I just before. Father's Day. And it would just sets of really cool special moment especially if you're young couple in your braves fans your family r.'s lifelong Georgia and lifelong Atlanta Braves fans. What a really cool and special way. To reveal your baby's gender I love it and so send you an email yes you can send me an email Jen at star 941 Atlanta comic comes straight to my inbox. We are looking for you we wanna know if this stick CEO. And this is just an idea sizes that was really cool and see I mean they had such epic viral. You don't gender reveal which is all the rage right now they're gonna prove it forward yes. And it paid 12100 far they're gonna do that forward with the Jetsons and talents on any one so this is you reach out. She now.