ATF 9.11.18

Tuesday, September 11th

In rememberance of our loved ones we lost 17 year ago...

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Let's go. Welcome humans doing. Drama in the world. Always good news stories that give you all feel right here on this doesn't sound shall we are remembering 9/11 today and. Jenn hobby gives you. On the field there is a local effort for a goodwill to honor those lost on 9/11 that is gonna make you feel so good and you're gonna wanna do this next year is hard to believe. That this all happened seventeen years ago today. I remember it being light enough. Since dream yeah I remember the planes flying over my ahead. I remember kind of hiding my eyes technology and television I remember the faces of my colleagues that is the buildings swayed so violent males are playing. Flyers are missing people that is an image seared in my mind and Larry never seen people help. I don't community together and I remember people talking here and an unbelievable sense of community. Well in Georgia the 2018 Georgia and 9/11 memorial stair climb is a way to honor and remember those that were lost on 9/11 firefighters police officers and EMS who selflessly gave their lives so that others might live that day and they climbed that just took place this past Saturday. That the sovereign building in Buckhead on peachtree. They started at 8:46 in the morning the same time the first plane hit the World Trade Center and 2001. And each participant in this stair climb pays tribute to a fire firefighter or police officer or EMS they have. The name of the person and they climbed the equivalent. Of a 110 stories of the World Trade Center while so each one of them raises money and symbolically completes that heroic journey in order to save others because the money they raise benefits the fire department of New York that helps fund the program this. By the national fallen firefighters foundation and they support the families of the nation's fallen firefighter said this year the local Georgia's stair climb. Race over 171000. Dollars. They will do it every single year if you want to get involved only go over to actors are 941 Atlanta doctor. I admire their patriotism that you just telling that story made my legs tired how how 110. Filler stories. He'll story we need to know what's on the senate tell us and we can keep spreading good. There are ladies all one Elena.