Thursday, August 30th

Dragon Con isn't just costumes and pop culture.

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Nextel. I'm from humans doing. Try and oral. Always good news stories do you feel right. Fairness doesn't sense tells you about dragon con might support a festival going on in downtown Atlanta and you think it's all about pop culture and fantasy but the reality is. Starting time is giving back to our community in huge huge ways and producer Geneen. Knows all about this yes the last year Guidant kind of raised over a 100000 dollars to Special Olympics Georgia to celebrate inclusion. But the coolest part is that they actually match every dollar donated and up to this. This year they will match every dollar donated up to a 100000 dollars. And their goal is to raise 200000 dollars this year for literacy action who provides free adult learning services in Georgia. This is Dan Carroll who's with dragon con on why giving back is so important Savannah. Raising money for charity gently reaching donations are what dry eyes are way to get back to the community and help people indeed is their chance to get back to the greater Atlanta community food reform in Atlanta we grow and Atlanta and you'll always being able to access there's no place like. So they are going to be different charity auctions and events throughout the entire weekend like dean said that they want matching dollar for dollar because they wanna raise 200000. Dollars. Four illiteracy action and if you know there's thousands of low literate adults right here and the metro Atlanta area and this organization is the largest nonprofit provider. Of free adult basic education in Georgia. They have Steve jag and kind it's. He'll story we need to know about senate tell us. Keep spreading good news Don and 81 Atlanta.