Assistant Producer Kelly Bailed on a Date

Monday, May 9th


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It's a local call Sears local show. What a concept or eight year old boys 71 now. Yeah girls Ernie for one. Every one of our producers Kelly cheese sitting in that widows. We are going to talk. About feeding and specifically. Bale playing mind games that aren't going well. Jan and I are both in committed relationships Kelly. Edge ten and a half ass president. I just got us on yeah Kelly how would you pitch advanced to get the check a box and face that would be taken it. And there is box OK and gang has tethered. Soon Kelly is fading inch thing exactly. Is your boyfriend issue listen to the show image actually he doesn't have to be up until way later for weren't so lucky for you that I now rank ahead of guys think I definitely be in our relationship. We happen on that topic is bailing on dates. And this is when you're on a date. Is not going while you have to get out and I think it applies more to women and guys. Well you want to bail I'm never actually pulled the trigger on bailing but in either system been in your mind that goes off elect. Okay this is over and now I'm just wasting my time to learn how to I end this as quickly and painlessly as possible yep but. I resolutions too polite to you add it up and walk out you had a friend affordable and yeah a friend of mine went excuse yourself and goes went ladies room. And because of where their table was in relation to the hostess stand the table could not see the front door huddle she went up to the hostess and actually paid the tab. Because in like sticking with the money gap so paid the tab and wrote a note and had the hostess deliberate act to the table at least I was kind of polite CNN yeah kind of ally but at the same time mailing me now. There is that brought this up is there is a police blotter but city assistance Amherst. Present that Massachusetts Amherst Massachusetts. In the police blotter 5:47 PM police responded to an Amherst site where a man and woman were hiking in the woman fell ill. Police determined the woman who's just trying to get out of it data set out he's saying. There we chat apps in feigned illness instead of becoming more forthcoming about what she landed and the time together. Since she was sanction feel well there on a hike and he over the top was like well we need emergency know somebody overheard it. And if she's right at him to central really daisy. Just I'll just drive home he's like oh my god no. And so they assumed it was like. But she was too. He was trying to be nice and not. Let her drive and staff and the people overheard him like while this woman can't try to fees that is a so called the cops and said. Her boyfriend's not having any luck maybe you guys and have better luck. They're like. Polar side help routes cops now she's trying to get fat and is now 404741. 94009400. That's the phone number your creative ways of getting out of a bad date we have counties. So I was on a day with somebody that I knew actually we never signed a before. Just hung out a couple times he promised super nice restaurant and the very first street he ordered was an old fashioned. Which is pure fervent right I mean it's all apartment. And then had three and four more are and I kind of like. Okay this is going really bad so since I know that he likes to drink. I'm just gonna keep encouraging and it. And then that way I can just put him in in Hoover home it was enormous strategic thing like yes I'll encourage you to keep drinking so that way I don't have to deal with you after dinner. And he was so drunk I literally had to give him his eyes and weren't into it cabins are and I really digging in or he lived and he could vaguely remember so I was telling this is sloppy like he got the Attica. Hey dad that's welcoming from the Jeddah Jan share what you got. Lou well alt play IA one on a day we met at I think. It was hotter not at peace and back in the day yeah I'm always back in the day yes and well. My dad rules kind of having our problems of the time so he was in the hospital but June butter all use just basically chilling at a hospital charge their. To me that there really com. I mean I'm sorry my mind and elsewhere because my data offline Google meetings no match. They showed a lot of ornament but deadly again and then ever so that I can match up well this year or. See now he can't have you paying your debt that's all that yeah. That's telling them diet so I don't think it's right there for instance I'm actually using a wheelchair to sit and yet you did here in the hospital you can or send an empty wheelchair that. You're cursing yourself. Yeah that's a bad yanks hey heck I know welcome to the Jeff intention. Hey what's up adding eyes that tyra I am. Hi rap kind Iran kind of how did you beyond dates. I've done a lot back and I singled to look at me. I would if I have a friend Karl yeah that'd that the data like 3045 minutes then yeah it back out and it's good to get. Ferret that out soon your friend knows that it acts. The leave. And Florida I think there are got a so here is your friend answers vague if you answer your friend is to play the role of somebody and stress that you need to immediately go help out. Let's get going mom the dark about a forehand that nobody has the sky around where that share a story here in just a couple of minutes. Somebody who did that. And it went horribly. Wrong we'll keep your calls coming in 4047419400. Gates went horribly wrong how you Val let them and I'll share the story of how bad can backfire terribly. Want my son Jesse.