Ask a Wedding Planner: No Kids at Wedding Situation

Thursday, May 19th


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Lots of choices in the morning it's tells us we appreciate that. Sorry 94 want to give any wedding related questions we have one of the top wedding planners in the country in studio where that's. 4047419400. We'll take your calls here in just a minute you can line up behind Kelly. Who. Explicitly. Said no kids at my wedding. And I got a call from her cousins wanted to know about one well behavior. We'll talk to her and a couple minutes yep 4047419400. Lindsay what's the I am. What's the closest. To the ceremonies start time you have somebody ballot. That Tuesday prior. So I am luckily nothing has happened any closer than that. About within your network. There there's an urban legends in Atlanta that there have been some no show grounds. No show it all right now and show I've broken via text message. This is not the babies are these are kind of you never know for urban legend there have been kind of passed along. But I am very very thankful that has not happened to me so the equipment to do one that was the Tuesday before I was at the bride the groom dale is surprised. Again. It usually isn't for me I can't do it he's on them wells I heard I worked with her father who's laughing now. And we love and a sound that that was tied because it was so close I've had I've had several hundred had quite a few over the years but normally there. 34. Who you know won at least one month in advance but the week analyst half. So what is it that when the father of calls and says were colonists off. Think you have to ask the question like all right he's gonna tell against. Lace. And and and you know there's there's no etiquette I had. You know I have had some weddings they've asked us to coordinate and mailing that's gone out that says. We regret to inform me that winning at such and such it's no longer happening. You know the week obviously that I channel family handled themselves. Do you if I'm just curious is. I've learned recently how much stuff like save the dates and invites and whatnot can cost. So do you spend as much on the an invite if you did any and. And I mean it's just a flat pretty and nice looking postcard something you know that they can produce quickly in and kind of get them now. Fast but it's how is that you know it takes what occurs to colorful inning and I think that it's always it's always for the best and excellent two month yet. Imagine it and then yeah exact addict yeah 4047419400. If you have any questions for Lindsay. I. I'm Kelly what's your question. Yeah. And having eight kids freeway plate and made it very clear out I think they want any kids at a wedding. And I recently got a call from president. Stating that. You know she can't find any child care so acting basically asking you know from local liquor. You know pretty well behaved girl that the way or I just like still urgent. At all. I've checked out. This comes up a lot and I think you know ultimately. It is the writing good decision of whether they want children at their wedding or not and you know kids absolutely change the dynamic have a lighting. They even if that one. You know my biggest issue is that you are ready set the town and told other people not to bring an end. So a lot of times I have the writing group put it kind of put it back on that saying. We told a lot of other people that that confronts how can that they weren't allowed to bring it did you know their child so you know having years there is is not only. Not exactly what your initial vision was but it product and at ruffled the feathers of some other gas. What we do a lot of there are a lot of services and Atlanta is provide child care at the wedding. A lot of venues haven't space week completed TV set and some chicken fingers downstairs to. An and act and you ask should've been enough bubble got these days and exactly it and give an act out of their gathered again that. You know all that it if it's someone that you really don't want to mr. wedding over having this and might be worth investing and child care and and even spreading the word if there was anybody outside that. That was having the same issues so. That would be my suggestion in an otherwise you know I would hate for this person not to attend but I do think that. Partly more damage would be done and having one child present there come over you listened to Ernie said that Tony initially with Europe again. People wanna get a hold of humans and how they find him. We are on almost every social media outlet it study deadly deadly attack tends to hype and events dot com. Tennis events on and to Graham and tennis events live we live. In to Graham from Ireland. It's time if somebody was gonna would how much lead time there's a wedding planner needs. They got somebody call the right now and say hey we I got away in a month. He definitely done last sixty days has been the quickest and we actually with Brad on the and the quick when that I don't ask don't punish allens do you not challenged people would act. Yeah actually Alan Faneca sixty days and can you please type that monument well I. Let us do yeah.