Ask a Wedding Planner: How to Deal with the Mother in Law

Thursday, May 19th


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I'm Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting you show those we can't do it without you. Laughs from World War II 7419400. Thanks for making. This shot or not before one that. Never thought in a million years that just telling you would be excited about ask don't wedding planner segment and I learned my dad. Kid who's trying to get an AM contacts here in front row you get your notebook ready to work for a number five and sold five months away. As Monday that Monday's five minute between second. Five months away so Lindsay is here she is one of the top ten not letting professionals in the country at named by boat and Martha Stewart weddings magazine. And she is here to answer your questions all things weddings just know that Jeff has got his glasses on his notebook and number two pencils he's taking notes. 4047419400. Is the phone number asked a wedding planner. Ask anything you like and she's here it out yet I wanna ask Lindsay. What is it wedding planning professional. I'm on the day of this ceremony and the reception what has you most in Paris. Well if it's not an outside letting the weather. Are inclement weather is as I was the one thing we can't control. And Derek so many different layers to calling a rain plans that that you know it does definitely number one but the ceremony is our biggest Strasser. Literally went to get the bright and I'll you have. You know YouTube rehearse today tell everyone in the forward I need to go and it just never fails it right at the same time. You know that they and showing that everybody seems to need me everyone has a question again it's like where Garcia and when I go. And in return acutely musicians and guests are writing Lleyton it's it's kind of it's carefully with an eleven that they have once when she's down Isa it's cute to see if I'll take a breath and really flat company. And then from that from their audits like a cake black literally fat. That's that's the biggest chance of my day. 4047419400. Is the phone number we'll take your call right after we talked to Tom Bryant. Who already hates his future mother in law. My mother in law is. She's you know she's controlling and equating. He kind of got into the wedding it's likely try and think and change things we may decisions. What what what happened a cocktail hour between the wedding in the reception and it will be like real small real simple we wouldn't serve beer and wine. And she called the wedding planner and that late lunch reception into. We want that we would keep keep chipping just for the folks you know keep it simple. And we week told her that I don't like about it on teams everything you do it and lately it's. A lot of little things like that building into not wet anymore. What's your question about it like how to dispose of about. I have to bet that's his question. So I guess my question at like how to lie. Politely. And like firmly conveyed to her that. She did not go well. Can't fit your 11 here I am a very much part of my job I feel like it's being. Psychiatrists and and playing but besides that and it is a little bit trickier when you have a host that is hosting the event and then depriving groom who it is there and and keeping them both happy on that ultimately comes down to kind of pick your battles situation and you know I think. It's probably gonna keep happening now that you're getting into the final weeks and months and moms stand to lose a little bit and start thinking about things that they never thought about before and and making his tax changes so. I would suggest letting her have a few things I mean really deciding what an impact your guest experience here experience. So maybe that's when you let her have and then say like you know this isn't that we're not willing to change on. But you know ultimately it is it's her only daughter and. No no say again. I think I was radar and on the same path you weren't Lindsay I think the more boos around that woman the banner yeah like that's an eyewitness. Tomorrow for a seventh or one at 9400 if you've got a question like Christina in at does. And I've only gotten engaged and we have a pretty small but it out looking thousand dollars but. We wanna put most of it actually toward a down payment on the house and they're wondering. And get four or. And try to get as inexpensive as possible but still getting like your day total by the flowers. Go by the house than the wedding and yet. Yeah actually great. Well there there are a lot of great tips and in ways to personalize a wedding now without spending a lot of money that the number one driver of of the budget the budget busters and I to say is your gas counts. On says he can really turn the fact there and do something intimate. Perhaps on on Friday or Sunday here even looking at a restaurant I was a surprisingly. Affordable option because you're not necessarily pain. A venue fetus has to guarantee food and beverage minimum. On semi in May be doing something fun at a restaurant Sunday afternoon or Friday night. Was Samir closest friends could be could be awaits him. Have money for the house in your party to visit chant we're going to a friend's wedding this week yeah Atlanta fat and yeah the doctors really Smart. It's good enough for the wedding planners get enough for you that's what I always say. Topped count. Okay. I'm Becky in Marietta which a question for Lindsay. Now I'm getting on back and I are trying to figure out how I want it yeah yeah. And very fine hair. And highlight delicate tight lies or a right here at editor here at the white. It's trucker cap yeah. Have you hired here and make up artist. OK and did you do a trial with them. Yeah and everything that I had a flat he. My mom's from Iowa that got shot down a little. Well yeah. Well. I. I think that but that possibly asking here and make up artists that she has. Somebody else you can bring them might have experience with your type of hair I have a similar situation with anchor abroad has very very curly hair. And we have brought in the specialists that that used to working with that taken care. But definitely pack your timeline on the wedding date makes her does not think it really sorry day than running late and feeling rushed and you know you wanna figure most beautiful so I think just making sure that there is. Not only extra time for you have your hair dammit time to potentially fluff and redo it if you're not happy. On so that you have plenty of time to make sure it's perfect and I have no doubt it will be. And how does she deal they mom who tells her she looks like Donald Trump and half half five days before her way what's on the Hillary got for democratic her yeah.