Ask and Run Part 2

Friday, May 20th


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It's sleek design this dollar net. That's also. Trying to news segment called ask Enron got thirty seconds to ask your question and in the thirty seconds we ask follow up questions after that. You got around. Kelly are you ready. For your 32 starts now. I want to know typically in my husband to get to know how they count trader at. It has to thought leaders that it. Has he ever screwed around with any of the attacked. Now. And are you seeing more risky rather seeing results from working out a defeat now trainers. Yet to isn't it hot has not that it didn't have to do a problem. Does he talk about how hard they are in front of he looked. Yeah. Are you hotter than the. Games gone. And that's it say Carlyle are you allowed to ask your husband not to work out with female trainers. I don't think it probably electorate here. And if you are insecure air which it sounds like she has a little bit of a problem with a are you I'm just ahead of her how do you defend dinner. I totally reasonable for her and ask her husband has stuck hanging out hot woman talked to Carla it's Carlos is on the case if she's into gear card last. You would be. Beat totally honest with yourself you would be fine with your significant other working out with somebody super hot every day. Yes I and secure at all. I think we're seeing a glimpse of champions that. Hey how many people actually do that they're trying to. Hi hi. I. Jags and Carter's bill is it okay for a woman to ask her husband not to work out with a hot female trainer. Well. Yeah that the heartland but I don't think. Louis and I don't trust them. I could thank you the Lorie is it okay for a man a woman to ask her man. Not to work out with a hot personal trainer. Taylor can you hear us. The idea that it's okay for this woman ask her husband not to work out with a hot personal trainer. I don't think it's okay I think she should learn that and worked out lefty out cheating on her. I. I have to explore more usage and about all of the trainer drama you said that before. About the trainer drama Chelsea in that little burned my favorite town. Chelsea what do you think. I think you can pick supporters say something I am. Not get my relationship and I let my kids my boyfriend Latino pop trainer every day. Got a I think it's okay to ask your spouse and misses of this woman's husband I think. You're all allowed to have that open and honest conversation with your spouse and saying hey this is making me really uncomfortable. And I hope that you would put our relationship before any other relationship in your life has is a hired person this has been hired to make you. You know fit and stay in shape not to ruin or make your spouse feel insecure so it's like that person has to go. Hey Chris in Marietta what he'd done happy but he vacant. I would say it paved Fred personal trainer at my husband if that's what it's like caterpillar. I could have. What is out there are better if it did. Isn't there are a business that allows people. Pirated hires only on super hot. Barber's gotta cut hair different eyes the business to business. There's a business that sells chicken wings yeah I was gonna say there's one called polluters and yet it's tilted kilt don't listen to what I'm saying and what about it jammed it only employee smoking I've female trainers. Are guys. No motivation you're saying you're next million dollar concept all of got a million of them today and when it meets all arrayed. Executive that. Starring 841.