Ask and Run Part 1

Friday, May 20th


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She's now starring 84 won just gotta warn you the next few minutes may not work you know. Competitiveness may crash and her fight I didn't try it out yet we'll try to beat the idea is asked. And around so we're gonna put somebody Amazon still has a problem. They've got thirty seconds to answer questions and then will fire off any follow ups at the end of thirty seconds marine who's gonna disconnect the call hang up. So whatever we can get out of them and that thirty seconds what we have to work great. In vain will just offer some feedback and and we've we've got people on hold were ready. Pot and give feedback on anything so we've got McKinney before and all. In Europe mitigate. Unsolicited advice. From a panel of people have nothing invested in this situation. I think you'll work if we can do this quickly right okay so we've got a timer we strict instructions to disconnect the call after. Thirty seconds we have opinion people hold you got questions panel all the ingredients are here it is our recipes grew up and. OK let's try this ask can run first caller wants to remain anonymous what's your question. I need expletives and exploit that and that's what I got there it has been ever talk about it at all. Should I tell. Powell how long ago did you get. Three years ago. But. I did it my anniversary is coming up and every year anniversary I just thinking about it a lot. Are you still in love with the excellent act. There's little hesitation there and that your thirty seconds is up. Jane what do you think. I think that she's definitely still in love with the axe why is that why it's just a hesitation. She was like no absolutely not it was like. And. It was three years ago what is she gonna do about it now. I do well her question was should she tell them should she confessed it yeah I think not if she wants to stay married Katie what do you think. To any statement that pressure after we definitely need to actually about what it dead. You know and move on from there. Apple earth for three years. He and yet that's it she said she says that for three years they were they she's been married for three years this app in the week in the way. Yeah yeah yeah actually I mean. Because I don't war is a guy that my point of view is a guy I'm like. That's just gonna fire everything from me what else. Would you. Be able to trust your wife and her again. I would have to go week by week for a 10050. Weeks of Mary. And happiness and yet it would be a problem. If it was a one and I didn't I heard the hesitation but I don't think that mean she still hey I Jack's what do you think. I. Mean and it really mean she might be some very template concerted. Probably. You kind of weird. Well I think that. It is only going to be a confession that makes her feel better and make him feel works that's an Alley says Hayley what's out. K good morning. I'm I think it actually thought the Americans back if you feel like crap every army secretary and that may out art guy we were very good plan. For Greta how warm is just gonna hurt him in the long run an all the actor got hurt there. Got nine thank you very much Alan. There a consensus is downtown a Mickey. Repeating. What he got. And I think he can not tell NBR a and they want to believe that life is never ever any lineup before and and will ever be that he went out after him that he wants to think Mary keep it not count them. All right thank you very much you make you think he'll add more pressure to reduce Netherlands and yes let's do another one okay Christian are you ready. Your thirty seconds starts. Now. There are. And I thank it and our. Rights and Richard quest you've got five seconds left index. Yeah and I totally think so have you told us yet. So here's a question Jan is that's. And waited 32 section. Is. Does that matter I think it's so here's here's. I would any woman do that and let she's being flirt. Or maybe she's just one of those people with a little more unaware of her surroundings. I don't know that's a friend so it's hard to give the benefit of the doubt but that's a socially inappropriate thing to do. To order for your friend's husband and that's a flirty thing rightly it's a powerful thing and it's inappropriate even if it's not alerting its its way overstepping her injuries. I wish we we can't ask more question and we can't ask him run you know it does hey Lori what do you think is that overstepping. Tyler stepping in order for your outlook and I'm never your best friend that golf K Hugh and he can hear something about. Is there wrote. Is there at all that is there any chance Lori engine is there any chance. It's he. Just considers him a friend. Like if you had a girlfriend who always got like whatever chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce and. I don't care. Well guess different you don't you don't importer for your best friend has an. Can't you just don't do that well here let's he's just an example Jack yeah I have known each other and been friends longer than you've been with your fiance. It's a three passer out to dinner together do you think I would ever overstepped my bounds and order for a year event of her. Oh you're right ridiculous it's a good point no way they're really good points. I will I'm we'll keep these calls coming in if you have a question you think you can ask in thirty seconds or lives. Then we wanna hear from. And for thirty seconds we'll do some follow up questions really really quickly and then everybody gets to give you opinions. Scott asking for a. Now. Starring 841.