Ask and Run: Erica Needs Advice

Wednesday, June 15th


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Thank you for making this switch today Jeffrey. You've got thirty seconds during pass and run and that it. Cut you off asking Ryan is where you Paula asked for some advice tell us the situation in thirty seconds or less. That's the time we also have to ask any follow up questions. And we hang up and down. 404741. And 9400. If you have. An ask and Ryan question. Or more importantly right now if you can help rout. Erica. Who has a question Cheney's. Answer. About a relationship new relationship. It's starting to go to the next. Day. 40474194. Under. Your opinions. Eric it's to Erica. Radiated a a countdown. And and you ask the way we will fire back as many questions as we have a half a minute and and will discuss amongst yourselves for your. Three to whine after Enron. I've been eating pot so tomorrow we are on our. If they are I. Can't get that right there. It is is that I. All right yeah Aaron and am I thought it in. I want I'm really really terrible person. Who. He used an inhaler in the middle of you guys do and he. Like for as are like one of those like dating thing narrowed chat. On rule. And you. Pool. You can't jump but I could as asthma. And it can be hard worker and all right. 404741. 94. We can ask for no more questions. We can't ask her if there is evidence of respiratory distress before it happened. And if yes countless you know here's some political respiratory just. We can't answer that question which would be greatly answered. We can't ask her what happened the rest of the evening she's gone all we have ago. It is they spent their first. Evening together. And it was apparently. Good breathtaking and and and the breathtaking. And egg. Balloon Leunen. And track and he had a real quick. In the middle. And she doesn't think she worked around Jan what say you. That's going to be tough to work around if that happens every time because it's not the most attractive thing that I would say. Give them a second chance if she sent enough to be fair and has been that kind of time with him then she likes and have to give him another track. Jack thank you to go back to use singled and. I'll look. Can. A guy. Yelled yeah. And for lots of people. The and the words that's the bad and I heard about. Angel and Marianne. They I did I don't think it's right for her to break up. Again women that it tried you'd probably get a pretty. Yeah. Yeah. And then. I don't louder now until that are right I Angel. Isn't is this something he did yesterday I was this something you could work through. People they have import exit. About it he didn't like her hair are hard held or something like that yeah it's the deep inside you know how to connect it didn't go. I'm. It was ginger and Alpharetta. Well I say equipment. Because what about a weight and now that you're doing a great job. Yeah. That's. And you know you got to add that I have that in your market. Yeah. He's not gravity had other united etiquette. More of your phone calls we'll get producer at each team in the she now. Or one.