Are Fanny Packs Back?

Tuesday, June 20th

Jenn sure hopes so!


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Want the most pressing question of the day and can Fanny packs be cool again if he just called them. Or call any. There's another website refinery 29. I know it is now evaluates and a lot. It's a cool isn't really true. Things that are hit and they say the Fanny pack is back. It's backing a big way and you only have to looks slightly ironic when you wearing it pretty good camera and I don't know both of you wearing something that looks hipster and cool. Ray you know it may be some old school high tops the news at any genes this you can pull off you pack and just call it a belt baggage. Now you've got caught a Cheney and yeah does owning comic Fanny pack and Arianna confound magazine this month Sany packed gummery arm band or if you're. Duty called a Manny packed in a long press any Packard doubled down on where slap bracelet to pay your. I can slap bracelet pay Hannah welcome to the shall. I don't think he felt Jan is trying to keep saying bring back any tax. I agree I agree I think or we need it in the air hot in college now. Run program to party he is there are on track meets a guy girl can get any moment topic. Easter. Are you have. No idea and it's. No way they do not comment about act that would make you know. Big bad actually didn't matter in his shoes. All of the cool you know what I mean like. I know we Collins Fanny pack it's actually cool Wragge yeah. Not cool okay is around one little genders is trying to sell her own version of Sany packed but she's calling an adult tag. Yeah it's okay. Did he show welcome to the shadow. Today they would sounds. Yeah you know that any pets they're real both Bo I love down. I think they're good for the lady but not some guy I'll really what's the difference. I'll women don't have stuffed on the Aaron Geist you. Eight. Make a difference in weary lot. I'm. As a minute by them and background they'd mention how bad it. It's just not enough bad Jacob K is that not now on the handbags now that's an example the ice. Yeah you're not a fan of immerse since the yeah that's gonna think what about backpacks can guy guys you can Wear backpacks right yeah depends on the size guys who are tiny backpacks and out. Little backpacks weird I'm Gucci or Prada backpack kind of guy. Man pack a big big big DJ silence. This Matt and Milledge bill what's out. Yes I'm a big impact believer okay. I I've got three boy and he's very happy go out yet so much stuff all I'm not. A lot of tragedy in the pillow. It's cracked the gold makes her accent at any actions and so. Wish it did any pact because they do that. This shoulder strap of at the purse across the chest that I can't two hands free for two kids yeah that you end up with a shoulder problems I glitter will he have my right shoulder hurts all the time because there. Went to packages to the feet actually distribute the weight evenly and some Fanny packs come went flying all different little secret compartment seal yeah. There are some of any tax accountant told bell say you Capello bottle on one side he. Yes I aren't you know like a little sick Obama why are somehow. Paint an excerpt may come back. This Cheney recycle old water bottles yes now you've done engines language of the bottle of wine yeah. And well Brian. Almost nothing it's just not paying. I. Jim what. He fed them. Back to my here. Pain don't trade. Schools are you know yeah because you like to come. He says he sat and years of entertaining guy he's got everything you need like a first aid kit online. Are you gonna say yeah yeah they are guaranteed. Okay and Kelly does a lot of things festivals that doesn't make it right and the rest yeah. Okay let's go ahead. Lease saying grace and Fanny pack are now. I'll let you. Out and tell it what bit important what you did area. And that. Adds that he did I did that hybrid today and the chink. Nothing about I am that they are playing it gonna need a little different. Me and then there. Wow you lost Cornelius and he's taught our share before hurting millions of sandbags and Dan yeah is everybody's into a banning them. Bring in the big fat and good jabs and good job. Samsung plans. And right now. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and.