Apps and Privacy Policies

Thursday, July 21st


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He switches on installing a so. I just shared this conspiracy theory normally and that conspiracy theory avenue heard this one and dot. Actually has lagged. And this theory is that somebody is using that data from pokey man go. An order to create some sort of database. To view with either. Marketing. Or are sending mourned Perry. Listen music and plays after the anyone uses the word. Nefarious. So since the only person on the planet not playing Pokemon and explain to me when your plane game. Your camera is capturing where you're gonna yet seek incentives and your camera. Can take a picture like the pokey in front of you and whatnot in order to throw the ball and catch institute a picture. You don't have to you don't have to catch by everybody guys we have all these pictures of the equity and rate when it launched. You know the terms of service in the fine print now that Wright gave people full game that they had that game creator. Full access to people's G mail credentials Google credentials to the team. Yet for full access. It's cents fix. By. Rate now. Our rate when it started that was an issue. I fixed it on my phone on my game to where he turned that hey are off which is. The virtual reality thing because it eats up your battery and then also it just puts the Pokemon and a generic feel old rather than. Right in front of you so it doesn't picture you're. So you don't buy it is still have access to your camera David. He has access to an average yeah I don't know. As you are an out. While it's not as surprised there is a recent study came out that 98% of people in the city agreed to give away their first born and fake app they were testing. People. In the studies that uses fake app to proof that nobody reads the privacy policy archives service you just agree to it. And so they create this fake app called name drop and they had talked to clauses in there. Basically says that your data would be shared with an essay and other security agencies and in the United States and abroad people lecture check debt did it. And and they also said am. That basically gave away the rights to your first born. In exchange for access to free Wi-Fi. So they were saying that the terms of service would have taken sixty minutes to read the whole thing and actually accepted. But most people spent about 52 time. Well you know I just more than I ever spent on terms of service yet what are they might be a 222. So there's some people who probably read the terms of service and then thought for a minute about their 1 march 5. You know what. Really wouldn't be that bad if somebody came in. For just a little. Forever. And there are like I except Tom get Mikey did you read it. We'll he's sweet he's on this dog or not. It's my friends and show.