...And Then, There Was a Fart: Part 2

Wednesday, February 8th

You might think you're too mature to laugh, but you'd be wrong...


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Czar not before one that don't judge ash but coming up. Totaled two lawful house to the substitute. Six yeah yeah unfortunate moments. But they all and where just yet to say it and then if there is simply. And it Ray Kelly Jesus labeling these as amazing. Colonel Hart. Waffle House suit. The massage to dig it. I understand how this. Good relaxation and so. This supposed Chile plus yoga oh and I know app after app are. This and we know we're being amateur right now and just go there with us that's funny but if you went back. Just trust tests. That I listen to ray after we get to these calls. Something. A very very very very. Cool happening somebody I and they show. Is so. Old is big turning all of a act. Somebody it's crazy old. And were not going to say how old she is turning but we are it is a big deal birthday and we are gonna throw her a party. And this. We're gonna tie this party into something that's so near and so dear to her art there is a chance when we explain all the details to that you'll crack. So we're gonna go here's the agenda for the next as we're in this solid six here and I here's the agenda for the next few minutes. Art stories if it's made Jenn hobby. Is going to be happy of course is a heavy price breeds cry. Yes of course can be happy crack what when he offers and couples are hopeful how it's O'Connell who can't. And Brittany have Britney. Eight the story disease annually. Over granny so immature the story disease and eight and then there is a far. Okay I I want every wood again how you're not afraid that they action Larry yeah. How literary like La. La which are doubtful about what else are we. Passionate hey see you can end it there are. Then there was a fluff. I want to opt in a legitimate group. But I daughter might not know that as part. All right so dudes and then there is a two let's just start with the. I am. I don't care in the green adapt I don't care how long are here Mary you're not mad that I had at utterly and then. It came I met. Him build that I don't pay any Internet lit. You are on how long been married. Army and might not run out. Who doesn't put up a. I can't I bet you can't get it done it eager and just. I. It is my idols there right up on yeah you gotta have some like alerts only rolls over bridges that big red light that let black comedy and I. Me no I don't care chipping and what I thought what. Brian thanks Renny you Britney. I we got to go to Mary and now they all hail Mary. In this sounds like an epic story. So all of a proof so unfair thing but actually acts. So I know it's funny now could. But we always love loud and clear it's we were eating I felt rumbles. Well let now if I'd strategically waited I assume that's the other end of the restaurants. It is literally a little. And then there was a park. The boot like magnified it and says. When I heard it isn't crowd grew tired but it. Your megaphone. Is up Bartlett in the car mats who like you really embarrassed debate this is like I'm never he'd. Scattered smothered covering. This every added we moments like this I'm actually. Railed the bid Jenn hobby was able to get a college degree and I dropped out sex acts act I I now Lou. Moos found Ayers thing whose next gen John let's go with Kelsey in Kennesaw take Kelsey. Hey I think you're embarrassed to even see this out loud how. Shaking I cannot believe I'm it's my belt has called me into other friends like help you meet Colin and share your story. Imus a year slash Illinois so legend there. Act act. You weren't even listening to start this morning and multiple. Multiple people called you say the steps. Turn on the radio and didn't buy. Yesterday and I are like the wedding and you need a college. That I make it mean replace either college. Me not calling it for the sake of everybody having I'm Heidi and I act but I let. The seven more of the story is I had so early forwards united Arab an hour. And I guess I did you know there would be a really good idea bad I went to do it that's fine establishment. Ellie that yeah. And I'm in the another real combat like do a head to remit. All of college student. All ages and quiet we're about to start there but I'm beyond the music playing the other actors talking to a lady a couple of people next week. Nobody's talking already dig out. And I had Chile and a pretty stout not a bad and getting down on my yoga mat and out. I don't play happily sit could that guy aid and connect all the fun out you know a little like a little a little scary line. They don't use your. You'll use the maps but it took cushion. Great this. I've got proud that that I would wary that are about to do a downward dog look and change that. I'd like I need to get out according years and I'm sitting there and that happened. At all it Greenberger. Great opt out of the Mac would not. Like out of place. I. And you add it to me why people are probably laughing in the back now it. This so called it an air or like I. I'm. After Abbott for at least seventeen minutes I Wear it don't happen. Yeah they're just. Let me go or let it is. Laid out in that there are an hour in Britain like nothing had been and I met bears had never been. Yeah. You're and top hat. The hat. You calls the gym manager instead I need to cancel my membership and they like yeah that. Yeah yeah yeah you told that story David refunded the month you and I had just paid where. It that I don't blame him have you set I was gonna cry us. I think now it would be meets its LC today call my god thank you tells these. Are unfortunately shell out. NSA and we love a year. Ago. There's no way Jen that we're gonna draft as Uri can that is yeah. Hey he's saying it's. Lord have mercy all right Jen yes crying we're gonna move on from this topic it's gonna give this topic is. Blown away in the wind OK who. Moving right on and we're gonna let it pass through a lot of time. Around a little bit America bear out a little. And jumpstart. It before one.