...And Then, There Was a Fart: Part 1

Wednesday, February 8th

You might think you're too mature to laugh, but you'd be wrong...


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James shell hole now. I judge people who don't think cards are funny. Students. And if you're one of those people you need to turn off the radio right now because we are about to embark on a journey. Of funny flatulence Ariza. I remember how this even came up originally on the air a couple days ago I didn't. Why don't always talk about how I was working out naked to a stomach crunches are biggies don't do it. The bad drought that don't put out down you have and it's NRA this. That we trailed off and how I can't say that word for whatever reason when I was little kid that was a bad word in my house that is stuck with me. If to seat cute to see to it more user friendly. But hit everything in other people who are right so funny. There's somebody listen laying while trying to listening anymore because they probably were like I Campbell nine there but the reality is it happens to everybody that everybody has. Is is gas issues. Except for the except for the now I do I wanna even here as I found outside there was an almost there is like there could have been an issue. We had a meeting yesterday with Mike Fowler and Tony Marino who our mosques our general manager program director and then they important people in the building. Janet iron in the office and when I stood up. I moved I just felt stuffed down their move. And that could have banned like that would ban a terrible exclamation point on an otherwise it fantastically you know I'm saying this stuff. In twenty years from now that you can't control and we'll just come out it'll just totally under have you ever elect hung out at a nursing home. But with old people are with the grandparents are gone to visit him. It just happens I had just there's no more control I had a guy. Add a I remember exactly where I was I was in a department store I think it was a Nordstrom. In downtown Chicago. In a guy who probably went to high school with Jesus I mean this man yeah. All of a you as a person Hyundai. Audibly crop dusted me just talk Ezra I remember where I was standing in this door. I remembered that this is 800 people I was with the guy I was with confront me hurting in turn to whipped around and look at me and I might. I mean that guy just walked by an illusion. Aaron lovely says two things happen first you lose some control and then. Second you don't care anymore if you waited till a hundred you don't care you just I feel better client Tommy to have a little relief. But what they're the reason this is coming I was does it happen like. Didn't you say that you think that's right it's they really hot loud music and like hot yoga classes since. Oh yes definitely well bill yeah I mean I think that's way to play hot are high volume music in any jam. Just because if you're working now or you're you know doing those boxing classes this boxing classes or allow noticed things you can hear this from two. You know two city blocks away you can hear the right music convent and that's why that is just like work and it. Especially in the gym worries yen down in their protein shakes and their special. Flax seed KL bars. We gathered drink and own broth and doing all kinds totally trust a path that snake India. Double. Those old ginger shots or whatever it is that you're doing we drafts yeah. And I think that's it's gonna stare at the TomTom and here's where rebel without us we want you learn phone calls. This story just now he'd stick and we is and then. There is a far so a romantic encounter that ended suddenly. Perhaps okay. Like a work outclassed the U had to stop going to showing your face that you've all been on the airplane when somebody can't keep it and naught that sport so it just has that and win. And then there was a fart Micah. Europe first tell us about the unfortunate flatulence situation. Okay important election situation was out flying back from courier Qiyue a court Lauderdale. Long agent are slight it would hurt and Katrina I am still I was starting I got in the airport. Re litigate and and negate me you are the post I doubt Aaron good it will generate Chile trudged out OK so I much data soldier mommy. I didn't know a slight and it jam packed on our and I am. Oh actually contrary to come out there and it doesn't speak that you got to keep him there stretch so little bit her feet at this I guess. And I go to sleep in the last bulge or look yeah out that way you do it everywhere it would be my. I don't know why haven't they or aren't side of the week are right. All back late and it happened again but it Lauder a lot about Beckett rip it. I Google it but I mean you don't read write your bubble but I'm it is dot. It. I'm I had a lot I lap by lap I don't know whenever our secure our anybody you know. Do bad and they are a lot. Wrote his book turbulence on that flight from Korea back to the states and oh yeah. They are asked. I love it undid though I'm behalf. On behalf of every American except for the ones who may have been on that flight thank you for your service. Your new things look pretty. Meg in Jasper Malcolm indigestion and south. But aren't. Nighttime I don't ever remember how that we are here no no let. Alone their rightful order against. Dog that I got the help. No way they act was. Just really nervous. I'm here just warn you are right here around and. I had to count in the northern pictures that help and it would allow like Annika what are. You and who was he playing around on the floor with. My I had and I thought. OK like I thought he'd just gotten you know met the parents saying get down and influence there and you know you're trying to impress play within Don kind of nervous. The perfect out all he had to do is blame it on the golf. An easy way to do it. Tied it three more minutes and more stories including one labeled a fart and thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.