And The Grammy Trip Goes To...

Friday, January 27th


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Star in 941. Yeah. Music's biggest night and Seattle will be performing there. And there. Yeah. And Metalico be there this. I think he's their Medicare in order performing together together onstage at Tucson and this. All of the facts are that period again out in light. And I was on legends also performing. And those. And all. Because then you know. I. That is inventions. Him. Mean there's. Cool about the Grammy Awards as they celebrate all genres of music. And it's all it's just everybody all coming together. Celebrating music in general and it was shining on meant a matter how popular is that. Quality of the music and they're all under one roof in Los Angeles telephone. I Andhra Mars just at this week. I think re trying to where we've qualified people all the along and now thanks and sorry for wind and republic records and the Japanese and show we are sending one person to the Grammy Award. Jan. Say hello to Jessica and Lawrenceville. Just. I don't forget how you do that class yet. I am doing really made yeah I got it all our eggs aren't. And then hit I don't. I cannot begging would be near Dayton JC desire and getting gave them the united innovating and now. I was just asking Hillary take it this year I guess it won't he won't. No place. That's Eisenhower library when did you engage talent goes back. We get a flat lining up today a couple of long. It and he fumbled at the top. The day he. I just let your counting game. Tony nominee and Jessica you're going to burn and go out and we do clinic. Congratulations Jessica hang on the line we'll get all the details we need to get from you amble. Major summit in promotions gets intensity about the travel arrangements for you and your fiance. Yeah. Biggest night so I. You report back for wrestling you tell us how it snow and if you see any major celebrity breaking moments happening at a BR TMZ okay. OJ definitely. The Clinton Obama and why is pat. They're teacher and the the. I just want to get back to work. I think yeah guys. Didn't today. When it gets like her lord make me think I'm one of those you may Grammy. Did you show up. Arnold one.