American Midol

Monday, March 12th

In honor of American Idol's return to the big screen, we are asking the ladies: When have your hormones ever caused you to take a situation from "it's not that serious" to "it's THAT serious"?

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So are in 94 won an hour of American I all we bring you up I'm married and my at all simply can't. I'll let you under the influence. The hormones and I've got a story. It's gonna Shockey guys is that Zell out of our deliberately hit. Ginny do you wanna start things off because you said your Friday night while I. Hormone all influence. It really was built on moving apartments so I'm in the middle boxing everything up and I'm running until Islam expects that remind me of my past. And of course the nostalgia hits and of course is that perfect time where I'm just I'm just really feel and everything so I start kinda tearing up over little things no big deal. And then if I'm one little mic Mac that I can't get over the fact that it reminds me of something fat but I still love it so lesser occurring even more. And then they just keep crying while unpacking. Every time I followed him presently missing every village and every. So many. The I'd take eight. From packing and like I need to go tapping I'll just get some food or so ago the public's. And like I'm just gonna get some ice cream and have a good thing. And I find chocolate tacos. Which reminded me of middle school because they sold the matter school I also add on like this is exactly what I need a minute just how to talk talk a little Lovett and really feel all that happy feels instead they go home. And the like. Chatter on and is trying to talk a line packing. But I'd take them play and it didn't taste nearly you've got. The. Thank you can't hide. Oh wow. Not the best does the bar high of more American mind all right Lynn. Oh disciplining don't diet. And this. This can also be. Fueled by a pregnancy I assume you're not pregnant should OK I I sort of don't. I'm. Fueled by it by pregnancy 404 T 6309. 41 as our phone number. The bed namely that this segment is American and my doll and it's an opportunity for you to share. What you did or rather what happened to you. Under the influence. Of hormones. Mary I'm in Atlanta welcome to the show. Should I Iowa and and my first trimester when or are there at the worst I'd be touched and out of my mother had an age sheen's. And I can't venture that I didn't know anything about it at Taylor Bryant didn't pick away. And I and all he had an OK I get at and yet now that launched am I locked myself and arrest him. Try to not. I'll bet meet you open the door and help get Powell and I just what outlet and I riding crime. Well look I got an hour and and I finally decided that it. I. Need as I'd I'd like how guys. Are horrible. I'm you don't remind me every day. I am guessing you doesn't touch anything in the referred exactly is actually not the blocks of cheese Jana and Dawson bell. Tell us about your biggest hormone related meltdown. I was not a 20/20 documentary with my tent and and you look that are. They can't he felt the couch I get shaking because I would ugly crank. So bad. I could not stop right. Even remember what the subject matter was I remember crying dedicated and talented and a woman took heart sped away from the ad. And I like that amount like no no. And that's. I'll air ball. Total strangers that as you sobbing say about your shaking out its. Nicole and Jonesboro welcome to the Japanese and yeah. Hi I actually in labor wanted to my partner to hold my hand in marriage freaking out and then the moment he touched me I started screaming at him not to touch me and then burst into cheers of I call. Horrible. For yelling at him. Should the 360 right there really pack. Aha thanks in the comical. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one American my hell came to admit what she did on me influenced. Of hormones for a 426309. For a minding your stories lining up are amazing and don't let me. We've outlined because it ended a friendship for ever. But still to this failure not billion Uday and we're not friends and we were friends for probably ten years there woman before my hormone incident now it's EI Tao okay well that explains it guys and I understand how it's enraged Jerry Jess how how mullah. Look. Just seven to 88 wind you get your 1000 dollars in severance and bonus cash tax rate now look. 27288. Wine. Lids and bands and Woodstock and honor of American. Idol debut weighing that we are playing America and that might gall to. Share it as. What would give you a golden ticket of hormone old rage. So I checked just trying to point and click here. The fact lol yeah. As whoever did deserve debt so the change I don't know the store I don't know the story about I know they deserved it. Now what was it what was the intended target of the panda magnificent. I would actually nothing my husband and I just recently married and bright purple are getting married I but a very well that our current site if I learned just like I'm sure we're looking practiced one more pain what do you legally narrates what I'm. I'm back at your cooking they are popped. I've got no not that I struck the pool and a constant real mental ability parent should look I. Simon you equity current range it might not understand and it like what I did I actually temporary. So let's cut off. Ended right you're summarily outlet got eight. For the past three years since windy and Atlanta. I cried because we had you much I. Is there. And. Our interpreters. I heard your heard up my mother would always chop on I mean Jiangxi Utah I eat all the time and is it about six months after he got to make a great aunt Margaret went a bit. Made some and attorney. And irons straight they are at it there automatic I rigor with like a slow or I I just. The cheer. Edwards at squalid because we're at. All that they are. You. Hide KB incoming American in my aid all tell us about the hormone induced meltdown the U had. So I was in labor with my daughter are bad blood has been around my leg during a contraction. To get me through the pain and then when the next contraction. Theories ever start revving Atlantic and at that. This demonic always how to yeah that'll touch merits. The Taliban wouldn't contractions started and it on the others out of the rant here I eat out I burst into tears can you wouldn't come near me. He called on. Well. Luckily I got an epidural shortly after that and be happy until thing that you don't wanna meet. At a. This error and Douglas well American mine all moments tell us about your hormone fueled meltdown. Yeah com make. I'm all by machines that are worked out trying to nail it on my first daughter. I always great to MacDonald like Larry and as Eric play because I went took the green McDonnell and none that I couldn't seem dark I. Riot the whole way whole. I feel yeah I get that I've never been pregnant I've done that yeah. As an adult. Broad broad based game machine at a fast food restaurant or reduce this man's tears since being creative met at Ellis and sugar hill. Yes I was pretty proud. First child and I had I ought to be called quite well which really get that if you bench and I keep to ride for that next. How are and then the state had a cry eat a white squall aren't. Tried so hard and it came at it became an hour. I Jan let's hear your friendship and harmony and how sound this is so bad I had been friends of this guy before everything got into radio. Then we worked together and radio and he walked in to a studio where I was working and started giving me an. Crap and heckling me about doing a football TV show out. And was like kind of mode cheese mellow about it you know he was like oh what do you know about football how you gonna do a football show and it was. Half joking and half mean spirited and very. Male chauvinistic condescending. And I screamed at him so loud it. I told him to get you know what out of my studio and never come back in and the next day he came back in again to joke around and I'm like I'm not kidding so it was two days in a row. I Lawson on and take it out of my studio twice because he was teasing me of how it's sport it's. And we've not been friends ever sent. Really delete. You kind of makes me mad all over again and gets my hormones enraged. Utterly honest joy here thirty dollar ad ran. Star in 941. That's.