The Amazon Echo Look

Monday, May 1st

This thing will judge your outfits for you! Is that a good thing?


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Star in 94 want to ask you guys a question about eggs gadgets. From the future. Specifically what asked the ladies of the Japanese and show. Gene Kelly she's. Jenn hobby. Well. Worse version of the Jensen says. It is big conveyor belts. Just gets you ready. Would that be aware that yet but a flying car that pulls out. There's a great days it's just jealous of cities get on that conveyor belt she's pretty good. I'm in a day. It's close to that. It's a gadget from our friends at Amazon and a dollar from me with a Alexa right. Yes okay so Alexis just the speaker and you ask the speaker questions and I hate tearing us because they may with a Alexa is now meaning here the weather but you'd say. Alexa what's the weather like today. And then Electra tells you what the weather's going to be. He would say Alexa play a certain song elect to do this Alexis at a time or elected you can just talk through it. It's even tight in here Amazon accounts to accumulate. Elects Bob Bob Bob up and order some that you could say elect sat. Set a reminder for 720 to listen discern any flow one corrects her birthday box against their dads are elect as well now there's something called. The Amazon. And go look. Everything you love about Alexa. But it has a camera. And the reason it has a camera. Is because it will take full length photos. And videos of the outfit you're wearing and tell you how it plus I have heard about this news. Would she why does this sort of technology or gadgetry. In your home how does it how does it judge you well I'm glad you asked. I guys I really need to know and yeah do you give feedback only ring night idol Arnold. Herb tight as it is no really fast with that Arianna voice in the back of my head that tells me how Iowa. I'm a bit like don't know technology to worry about it. Hey here's the guy here's the thing would echo lemon read re from the website at where it echo look you can take full length photos of your daily look just using your voice. So you have look you've you've put the camera obviously get tall. That's a tall. I don't. Gadget right did I mean it's got four lights on its lights you up. And it late UN focus and let it it focuses on unit it blurs everything in the background so. He can definitely see the outfits and then it shares the the picture automatically to your found. So you can say. Alexis take a picture of that deposit and you found so number one you can immediately send it to friends family. Whatever to get their opinion that crave. Okay it's also ahead those. Are it's just like a fancy pulling Mair an awesome right and it also allows you to turn around so you look at your found in a just to. Activate the camera so you look at your phone and you can spin around in front I. I'm like OK yeah he's ends and receive from behind to have now here is what some people might say is the creepy part. You can select to outfits. And submit them for style check yes. Okay and it used uses advanced machine learning algorithms. And advice from Spanish fashion specialists. You submit to photos for a second opinion. And which outfit looks best for on you based on fit collar styling and current trends in overtime these decisions get smarter. Through your feedback and game but from fashion races into your game show you tape post you pictures and you have all these pictures of yourself. You post them both you hit submit. And it comes bags as this on ray here's 64% this and thirties it present to go without. That is pretty call which I don't let a camera in your bedroom for that purpose. I actually think you could be. Turned into a pretty funny joke. I dressing up in the most ridiculous things and then. You notice any idea what it says anything what it says I feel like it would be a share rubble thing later yet I think you get their feedback on the most ridiculous outfit ever and then share I don't know I feel like it could be come a fund post. For serious for serious he is I don't know I. I don't think I'd do it only because it's using previously based trends and I am a trend setter. I. It's coming on the news. Might show up. And yeah I guess that's that's yeah not play and track Alexa. Mike drop a thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.