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Friday, September 23rd


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Help us this email and what do we get into this close we got your back arrest in the last. Engines now on starting now before we want it. And it's time that dot com has reviews for everything you combine and the site. Including these sugar listen gummy bears by error about missing that right sugar free. You were right there on the mobile packet. It's on and I think it on the floor. Well that may cause a lot of problems for some people. And an explosive currently. I'm intestinal distress from person here and we're taking turns we've we've figured some reviews them. Hat we're taking turns trying about Jen if you had so much over the last and when you're in an act there. Or. I. Adamantly and it is music. From a review titled yup. Believe the hype. As product reviews and told him co workers so we bought a bag because it doesn't wanna spend money. Newt doesn't wanna spend the workday on the toilet and get paid right. Brought in yesterday morning and a bunch of guys immediately down and well each. Within half an hour they were in the bathroom. Best moment of the day was when one of them had been in the bathroom or after or by that point texted one of the others. If you hit and hit so far it's not. Hot hot hot guy. Jeanne you and yours. Just I'm thinking out loud the brainstorming. Like if we riot act and act right. And he eats gummy bear route you have no credit that we weren't getting zip lock bag you with fifteen gummy bears and it. Right at their grades not this and that every red note if one bag is all the sugar free ones. Many other bags or the regular ones and we all of them except me. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds coming your radio that date back bearable. I mean the title of viewers it's. Former review titled Austin and explosive. He looks and it wouldn't end to an explosives. And hunt them. Miles from home mama want an it was a one. A lot homeland my home and I had a a yeah yeah. Gas if you are flowing in and out. Of I'm home I'm in and something is how I. I. I. Just went deeper into locally and and have to. In. It. Billy welcome to the Japanese yen in LA. On my way I moved out and to Atlanta you're done for. And enhanced directory. And it we went to Waffle House in Amman and our right woods. To back out prepackaged and the whole way and out. It was. It was Shakespeare at the it's why we heard a lot loud and acted experience. Shouldn't say anything to the wagered and that tornado out on the table and looks and we didn't plug it back. I don't mean you could hear meet through god I mean it and hope. The whole lower amid a hole. Hope you knew the whole question do you still bears shoot like I hope I'm done I'm only didn't. And let's look at our leading video triggered. Rashid slipped it's one dollar on the table egg armed. Y got I. That's probably scared that's probably a good thing Billy because I love me some Waffle House. Let me go but if I've got an intestinal distress happening it's the last thing I'm gonna add to might. Yeah. Thanks for the comment. Deputy judge or. Hey dad. You need to warn people before you do that I nearly a backup but laughter. I about that which is named. Laura. Apologies and I hope you stay safe. I mean Demi and average Joseph it's. I yet I have to tell you I did. My head back. Nearly wrecked the car to paint on the whole it might go ejection this whole year old and a lack. Well I really love you yeah. And I I. It's. Well I think it did earlier Obama they're gonna egg. The mentality that. And I don't know what you. People if there are a key guys every morning. Lately man by David. And then I went and I don't I can't let that it has Obama at Catholic college area academy. Daryn. Yeah no problem but I got it. You left. Your birthday to OG you can veto last Saturday. If it oh. And her good. All right the subject matter reviews of the sugar free and care about gummy bears. As written on Amazon back minus titled. You don't understand that I. I was glued. To the toilet seats and streams of fire burst from my colon. When I wasn't experiencing. Things fury exploding from my re here. As laying in the fetal position I am I bathroom floor. Sobbing and asking for forgiveness. These no damage 280 pound man. I was sobbing. When it was finally over I couldn't move I crawled under the floor one last time and sat motionless. My dehydration finally require that agent water the other reviews are perfectly accurate this is absolutely. 100% true. Eat too good a time three if you're brave. But for the love of. God and all things honor if it. Ninety anymore. Girl you're up Irish he. America needs titled it's all her. Let him. Well mine guy. Everything previously written is true it's alters Donnie more than eighteen in this inning unless he urged hacking in power wash your content and and wondered if outline liar. Ever bank. Your current status of literary. What's the title the title is just down. Analysts and they give bursts out when you pay. Isn't really I gotta get it and he's from our content. All right have we got the word in the same room is. Against the. And let you print it would seem baffled me. Now. Well like someone tried clinical Niagara all hole I hooked up and I'll. I went there and I hate him. Nice being heard and I am. Hours careening in and felt like my delegates. Can't just let it. Me and my car. Reject Al how many had torrential flood of toxic wastes. Like ten times I didn't go. Alama politically and made phone. And. Inside. Inside the last thirty minutes this year. And I have eroded because he. Hi I graduated fourth grade yeah. We'll make it slightly more mature here in that just a minute because it is counties are by the way everything we just right totally active and ams and economic that the sugar free there about. I'm a bears and those are the review. Just read the reviews do not eat and I do not eat them. 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