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Friday, September 23rd


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Thanks for making a fresh start of the day with a costly legend here. In Athens and shell on stalling for blood. Apologies. In advance for what it's about the unknown is how bad act. Learning this and this is exactly like it. In a discipline that that you are now. I. I'm religious we have JP's hats. In shape he's had a bunch of pieces of paper so when his car on the space and senior scrabble whine don't open it. Not open it. Have some rain around the room. Nobody take one producers means in here and turn Tony and me and I. Birthday girl Kelly cheeses L. And that things. I got one every talent and Evelyn JP I don't overdo what and it's time. Who's a fan of gummy Ayers. Who need everybody loves you got there okay. That was your hair cut. I got a huge gummy bear man. And now when he worms. I'm not a vanity gummy and I you know there's a sugar free gum and there it Arab oh. There about hasn't and I think all Italians and I like lassie at the head. With an act. But apparently. A considerable. Number of people. After eating. Those sugar free gummy bears. Suffer from intestinal this. And this is commonly referenced. In the comments section. On Underneath. Sugar free Arab army. So I'm these pieces of paper. Our reviews of the thought. From people who aren't feeling that's. If you're ever boarding Amazon commons reading them. Honestly yeah economy and rainy. Yeah so I Tony would you like to go first it's all right you're just ready I don't think there's any bad words in here to read them quickly they choose. Be ready to south as I don't think I don't think that hurt but with some music appears as an every few. The review of day. For your free ergo. There. Every now. From our review titled. Fully weaponized. And the air. It excited about an hour later and and that I was loaded at the balloon in the eighth inning and very. When they're around her. If. Whenever I'm excited and it's raining down the home page and make it back there at that time or horse and now. It eat in my act. Maha. Laying waste my homes that system and my we'll do it in. Cincinnati. After three hours of the pelvis taking Demi bears I was a week I. They had any bounds left and I curse their boat that little and I could back. Pair of low sugar free gummy bears some entitlement. JP Allen I do Aaron erratic. Yeah with the title of yours from a reviewed titled. Gastrointestinal. Armageddon. A lot of syllables. After a few hours. I had an extreme. Buildup of gas would no relief. All I could do was lie on my bed and pray for a fart. Off that might think that might so funny. But when you eaten something that has basically turned you into. Basically turned you into the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka and shot. You're pleading for relief. Do we do. All ahead of him. I genuinely. Nice guy against the a little bit firmer you entitled excellent taste in small portions. During the month of the heat from the yeah it'll be the third time off. And I have. But just of the eight. A I. Large bulky it. Sorry I really sort of large volume of jazzed that my ex UAL. This pink purple. It's just have an open after a while about. Four point 52 I think you can dance with the now. Her experience. You inferred about not. It was. A natural. Check it all went. And it'll stink up oh. No now. More we'll do more with the rest and we keep on. The resident welcome back five minutes she's. Jens they're that a tank. Again these are our reviews of The Herald wrote sugar free gummy bears. And our post it online all real reviews at Amazon that. Are you know before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young Colin now.