Amanda Catches the CEO Stealing

Monday, April 18th


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Things revealed far today. It's. He pulled all this CEO of the company was stealing from employees' desks right NA plus did hurt the CEO is a her. On camera they got one of those little late clock radios and have cameras. Built game and they said it out so that. Whenever there is movement or activity one more and the pursued by the camera would get an email with a picture. And sure enough. The picture shows evidence that CEO going through people's desks was at first. It just like different your dad's and simple things like that and what it was an apple watch which is a thousand bucks now isn't close to it several hundred at least. Hey Amanda. So we talked to you on Friday. We did the topic was give us the biggest game yet going out of work and and in one sentence. And you told us about this that you adjusted. Can busted and to Asia manager's manager or your manager's box. Yeah so how. Did you guys collectively or did you or manager deal with this on Friday or has even been dealt with. Law and Florida has like it could I can't honestly tell you whole lie action. Basically added that you're repurchase guy and my box. Matt Wikipedia. And there Lakeland and I think we have already been feeling. Or whatever people and she may completely and I did they get. Guns. And they enjoy the pictures. And she just like had a complete meltdown and like I think she got home. You have no idea I'm going there and just like left Michael Holmes and so all we know we got that memo was swinging back and lake and they're dealing with it like the people that were expected to blow it you know reimbursed or lever action but we don't know what Russia and parenthood. I am what human resource is involved there's no more fun. Yeah but she's the CEO of the company and people yeah company know she did it and she knows they know. So she's gonna do something to apologize or address it you can't just pretend like that happen. Yeah certain mar. How big isn't what are we talking about a company like how big is this company. I mean yeah the board so that the president there are people that are over her head. So like she did get tired but. I'm pretty sure she is pretty close look at president. You know it it it it pretty thick in all play. My god hold back. Like there's a lot of from lake and I know attention I got a lot of people don't really like that CEO. So this could potentially. Put it over the edge but there are people that inspired her. It it would into quick at that they over the weekend so I. All they've done so far is like we're human resources they think they're kind of guilt and how and then. I got that something happened they might have to go ahead but. I would be shocked if that woman has a job by 5 o'clock today you think yeah. Do that if she's the key that company. No way the name is Max had no way and we should that it was her ample wide there's no explanation and her she really was written people off of the company's she's fired him his terrier but on. On her apple watcher chargers know. Yak farm house and out or Tokyo that it good and she blamed it out if you those kind of like. I don't know I mean you can get tired of pictures back. Miles I want you look me yes. Called dating any update of the update. Yes problems you know I'm interested and educated men don't have an identity of this phone number removed from the d.s co workers who've been in the trash cans. It's well still and I Afghanistan.