AlphabetiCalls Part 2

Thursday, June 8th

This time it's Kelly Cheese and the interns' turns!

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Seeds how many letters is seeking catcher Kelly she's his alphabet a call to her dad. And he wants you to start every sentence with a new letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order yet. And the other person or another within the phone can't know what you're doing right so world's scientists with. Our experience. I had any opportunity Hewitt yesterday I got TV. Calling my mom who got so annoyed that she just from my dad and son there was. Areas Solis and her god and I. I so feel free at I'm Internet equity into the website and you can listen to. My alphabet a call from yesterday but here's Kelly she's. Calling her dad. To see if she can get all the way too easy. Israel. Any dancer Elisa. Military build up. The housing go eat lunch Reagan are you. All alerted warned earlier. JD say that I'm like ten best. Always Gloria is what these things and now it's. Well yeah I totally unknown caller until either tell gesture that was enough to. Everybody including just. EU's friends and family. And all of grandpa do. Blog yeah. About it. Yeah. How about all in Graham sees. Our student. I design and sank. Secretary of middle order somewhat up. Tennis and I think any over. Diallo colony earlier kind of count her. Out there. Lot of new. One announcement. Delay a list owners and her. Mom why. Are you taking. Mom wanted. So are you taking note. So yes we're delighted I'm slowly let alone we are. Are you at all in this one situation I can get just a normal while I was driving you earlier talking about it. The only question why are we asked. Probably well lived. You can hear what can you. Quick question I asked him you know. Political and this morning the national RBS. Really. Did you tell gesture he does well you've got to go look at it won't give you change any Shaq it's everybody else's fault not theirs. So partisan reasons changing may affect us. Everybody else missile go ahead the same thing I was 100 people or. I'll be OK you have rpm. It's now our post own place assets. Usually that it's called the resting. Delete face down. Yet they didn't just Romeo must what is called a stone faced and concert didn't know what's won't wash won't know who won't. Engineering and see. My philosophy was don't send astronauts into that other people need to change come let him. Hello ladies say if he says now. What you said no and our situation. Experience. Yeah. Alicia what do you look like. You nonunion. Company. Talk so there's a lot of silly little lower I think. My news bad news. Alone yet they can't. Are you being there for. Israeli Intel here lately she's doing. You Don DNA here's where I. Who do you think everywhere entertain you listen to our year end and Eddie are Nancy asks flow either lie and I don't now. I don't know they they both listened to his show from Florida so hopefully they have and is still haven't heard this yet. Well you guys it's your choice what about your brother Matt. He would be found asleep and that's why I'm you might find out. Want. How far better call is our new favorite thing to do damage after judge out. And while taking a turn doing it without parents give to call. All in starts each sentence with a new letter of the alphabet. In alphabetical order a Tizzy seeking it through the entire thing. But they are not luncheon held what exactly Europe to our here's Kelly she's earlier today calling her dad. Mary Lou trend changes. We're so. So much velocity was talents and yesterday change anything other people need to change combination. Who. Oh wait you say if he's at now. What is said Norton. But situation. Experience. Coalition WW background there is even on U mass. Our top it is the largest city Atlanta listening in there. Whose dad these are people. Yeah that was Kelly cheeses dad. And our senators wanted in on the action so you know everybody is included and we just say do include them now Sidney you're gonna go last. Because. Yeah your mom. I'm guessing that English is not her first line no it's not. Accents are always hilarious all lawyers say boy it's earth. Of native town. She's Russian. Russian yeah okay so when you talk to you speak Russian us now. Now an IRS does not Greek and rights and you'll have to talk to her in English is there's gonna safe yet to hold conversation in Russian is never now we have we didn't. Yeah yeah never an okay so we're gonna do you have a second but Savannah is our first and we're calling whom. My seventeen year old sister and seventeen year old sister. And sedan as goals to get this far into the government as she can start every sentence with the next letter starting today although it is it. Kelly she's set the bar by the way. Getting up really nicely made up. Areas of banner calling her sister what's her name Katie continuity. Hello you either end but. Yeah. Lying and I'm so tired. Can you talk and out. Yeah I'm only. Do you have any plans for the rest of the day. I can't. Excellent. Sister. Why. For some reason I just really wanted to ask. Yeah. Okay. And I'm really does you another. I. And he talks mom and now the ceiling. Mental did this yeah. TD. Hey. It. Lives. Mom just sleep so way. Really can index. You can choose to. Honestly. I got the Smart genes in the Stanley. Oh yeah. Promised. It's quite obvious. Right. Solo but it's an. Tell me around town as many ten to nine. Oregon. Usually people answer questions with an answer. This guy in and good Lorraine. Dairy do. Would you say it's excellent. Or. Excellent. They get reference. You get to be any idea how Havana does have gone. You do this you're gonna realize that they've heard of and I. Because. There are no words you can bring up a normal conversations are like him acts. Got a blurred out one million non. Second yeah. They feel they. Let president today we're gonna save me who just told us that her mom's native Tanya is Russian. Which amounts aimed at posh are of course is how. I see in the hanging out at all and we were con man's passion. This. Are you there and who can. Lead element. Being a good has been at the C. And ship them out and a great time. You know iron wonder should take you a little bit. Better hours diet 5 AM is pretty good for me. To recruit and. Did you get any rest last night and I know Europe's super early. Now but Internet now particularly. I went home but we're sure everyone is still here I'm still here for a little bit more. Location alone. Along used to looking for real. Don't go to bat I want I want some voodoo just a little bit longer. Her. Powell how he's feeling I am I know like the cold was kind of bad the only guy he's feeling better. Yeah looked up and go to Google. The good seats he's. Look at. Imam that. Okay there's music clearly didn't not on anti. Just tired and hook up. Big question though both view what's of we've you have your mom's a sleeve. Internet and it would town knew he had 11 in the morning. There's just call I don't know like your mom but maybe dishes into the Bob detonate a the like I'm it's. Maybe she is into Scotch and eight people are right Greg Sean not. Conversation continues league championship on. Desserts are in 941 Atlanta up.